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KZ07 Introduces New Delhi's Premier Athleisure Retailer to Enthusiasts

  • 9th Jun 2022
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KZ07 Introduces New Delhi's Premier Athleisure Retailer to Enthusiasts

New Delhi, June 2022: Athleisure has swept the globe by storm, and to supply all its lovers with a one-stop destination, KAZO brand's new buzz in the industry, KZ07, has opened its newest shop on 7th June 2022 at DLF Promenade, New Delhi.

Mr. Deepak Aggarwal launched Kazo brands in 2007, and now the second generation, Divya Aggarwal and Siddhant Aggarwal, has taken the next step by developing KZ07.

As a brand, KZ07 resides at the confluence of fashion and performance, producing the highest quality apparel and accessories for those who desire the fashionable combination of interior comfort and outdoor appeal. By experimenting with new approaches to embrace cultures, KZ07 wants to expand uniqueness beyond comfort zones, catering to the aesthetics and demands of a varied and dynamic generation.

Recently, athleisure has become a term in the fashion industry, referring to the ideal combination of comfort and style. KZ07's comfy and fashionable assortment hits the ideal chords with this hybrid shift in fashion trends. The youth of today will not compromise on anything, whether it their preferences or their comfort. KZ07 strives to provide people the freedom to pick from a variety of styles for any occasion and to not settle for less.

The assortment is chosen for the broad young population. Unisex and adaptable apparel are two of KZ07's primary components. KZ07's designs are a wonderful match for this strategy, which entails outfitting one's wardrobe with high-quality fundamentals and building inventive, individualised ensembles around them. The days of fading fashion are behind, as comfort is here to stay.

The KZ07 collection is priced between Rs. 1,600 and Rs. 5,000 due to its premium quality. The shop offers vibrant, comfy, and attractive clothing for young people who embrace uniqueness, encourage creativity, and represent gender flexibility.

Divya Aggarwal, co-founder of KZ07, said during the event, "KZ07 is a platform where fashion meets art and comfort. The key to outstanding style and fashion is feeling comfortable in what you wear. When you purchase KZ07 gear, you are not just purchasing a garment, but also a lifestyle. KZ07 is their destination for boundless, comfy fashion, since the youth of today knows no limits in life or in fashion. We are now just a few steps or a click away from them. It's a fashion industry revolution with a focus on comfort."On its soon-to-be-launched official website, consumers will be able to purchase KZ07's stylish and comfortable items with a single click. In addition to its shop and website, KZ07 will be accessible on e-commerce platforms like as Nykaa, Ajio, and Myntra. The company intends to increase its presence in East, West, and Central India in the near future, extending its wings and magnificent purpose over the whole country. The DLF Promenade KZ07 shop is the beginning of a much-needed fashion revolution.

Regarding KZ07

KZ07 is a platform for men and women where fashion meets art and comfort. By experimenting with new approaches to accept cultures, we want to stretch your personality outside your comfort zone. KZ07 is here to construct a fashion future that offers inside comfort with an outside aesthetic. With a focus on purposeful design. According to the Bible, the number 07 is the origin of the word God. The number is especially significant since KAZO brands were founded on 07.07.07.

About Kazo

Kazo is a quality high street western wear company that provides the modern Indian lady with the newest design trends for formal events at a reasonable price. The brand promotes a concept and an attitude, not an era, via its elegant, modern apparel. Mr. Deepak Aggarwal, founder and managing director, inaugurated the first Kazo Store in 2007 in Delhi. Mr. Aggarwal, seeing a need in the Indian market for reasonably priced foreign fashion wear for women, established a native modern fashion brand for women. In this short time, Kazo has become one of the top fashion merchants.


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