Kross Studio Unveils Groundbreaking KS 05 Timepiece Collection with World's First Central Floating Tourbillon

  • 7th Jun 2023
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Kross Studio Unveils Groundbreaking KS 05 Timepiece Collection with World's First Central Floating Tourbillon

First Solo Masterpiece Revolutionizes Watchmaking Standards

Gland, Switzerland (June 6, 2023) Kross Studio announces the launch of the groundbreaking new KS 05 Timepiece Collection, marking two significant firsts for the renegade Swiss manufacturer: it is the first collection issued solely by design studio outside of any partnerships or collaborations; and its central floating tourbillon movement heralds a world-first technical advancement, the first of its kind In the luxury watch industry.

Since the brand's founding in 2020 by Marco Tedeschi, Kross Studio has made significant strides in the world of luxury timepieces, shaking up traditional notions with the manufacturer's radical designs and skillful yet wholly unique new applications of Swiss craftsmanship.In an impressively short span of time, Kross Studio forged a pioneering partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd. and the entertainment giant's beloved Star Wars franchise, becoming the first luxury watch brand to do so. Kross Studio followed this remarkable debut by launching yet more stunning pop-culture inspired collector sets in collaboration with other global entertainment titans, Including Warner Bros. Discovery, HBO and DC Comics. Over the course of these projects the brand unveiled six distinctive watch movements, each tailored precisely to their intended timepieces.Now Kross Studio has embarked on a new creative challenge: the first collection of Kross Studio brand timepieces outside of its ongoing entertainment partnerships. The new Kross Studio KS 05 timepieces are stripped down to their essence to fully display the manufacture's Ingenuity and technical prowess: the only timepieces in the world to feature a central floating tourbillon.

The Movement: Caliber KS 7’005

The KS 05 collection showcases Kross Studio's passion for exceptional engineering with its striking and uniquely constructed movement. At its heart is the caliber KS 7'005, a manual-winding central floating tourbillon – a world-first achievement in which Kross Studio takes great pride. Comprising 220 components and 27 jewels, this movement operates at a frequency of 21,600 bph (beats per hour), or 3 Hz, and boasts a power reserve of 120 hours or 5 days, ensuring optimal accuracy and longevity.

The diameter of the barrel, wider than the watch's radius, is placed on the central axis of the movement and the tourbillon sits atop it, offering a sublime view of its intricate mechanics. The barrel, the tourbillon cage, and the balance wheel are all co-axial, ensuring smooth operation.The floating tourbillon, a feat of horological prowess, showcases a cage crafted from grade 5 titanium, chosen for its high strength and light weight. The result is an ultra-lightweight tourbillon cage that weighs a mere 0.488g.

The time display mechanism operates peripherally, working around the barrel and the tourbillon mechanism. The peripheral display orbits 360 degrees around the tourbillon, and the reduction ratio between the hour and minute is achieved through a planetary system mounted on two ceramic ball bearings.

The KS 05 collection represents a new breed of luxury timepieces distinguished by a meticulously crafted case that equally balances functionality and aesthetic appeal. The case is made from Grade 5 titanium, a bio-compatible material that surpasses stainless steel in terms of strength and durability, underlining Kross Studio’s commitment to using the most advanced materials in the industry.

Devoid of lugs or edges, the KS 05 case exhibits a sleek, seamless, and ergonomically optimized profile. Instead of a visible crown at 3 o'clock, Kross Studio opted for a clever D-ring crown integrated into the case back, which enables winding and time adjustments without disrupting the watch's clean lines.

Moreover, the case incorporates a one-click interchangeable strap system, hidden on the case back, which allows the wearer to swap and update their watch strap with ease. The minimalist design of the case drives all focus to the watch's heart - its movement - demonstrating the Kross Studio ethos of placing engineering and craftsmanship at the forefront of its designs.

The domed crystal of the KS 05 provides an unobstructed, panoramic view of the watch's inner workings. Its oversized diameter allows the viewer to appreciate the full breadth and complexity of the meticulously crafted movement and the dial rehaut from all angles. The crystal also receives Kross Studio's full technical consideration, with numerous treatments applied to promote crystalline legibility in all conditions while protecting the precious watch movement it encases. The domed crystal receives an anti-reflective coating on both its exterior and interior, and Kross Studio also applied anti-UV and anti-static treatments to the crystal interior.

The Dials

The KS 05 collection offers a trio of striking and precious dial variations, each unique iteration composed of several elegant and functional outer and inner sub dials. The dials of the KS 05 collection are crafted from black or blue aventurine glass or natural stones including turquoise, jade, and obsidian, among others. This wide array of materials not only enables a high degree of personalization but also ensures that each timepiece can be considered a unique work of art and engineering, embodying the style and spirit of its wearer.

The outer dial, known as the rehaut, is affixed directly onto the case. It carries the time markings and indices, designed here by Kross to promote a highly legible, Instant reading of the time at a glance. Its design and position offer a seamless aesthetic transition from the case to the watch's interior, drawing the eye towards its groundbreaking central floating tourbillon.

The intermediate dial is mounted on top of the movement, specifically on the fixed hour wheel. It serves as a harmonious bridge between the outer dial and the heart of the watch.

The inner dial, designed with an opening at 9 o'clock, is fixed onto the main plate of the movement. Positioned beneath the floating tourbillon and the time display mechanism, this innovative dial design allows a clear view onto the gear train and sets a captivating backdrop for the tourbillon, adding depth and setting a visual stage to display the watch's meticulous engineering.

The KS 05 Collection

With its new KS 7'005 caliber, the heart of the new KS 05 timepiece, Kross Studio continues to redefine the luxury timepiece industry. This manual-winding central floating tourbillon, a world-first, combines exceptional engineering and meticulous craftsmanship.The meticulous attention to detail extends to the case design crafted from Grade 5 titanium or a stunning 18 karat red gold edition, showcasing a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Both titanium and gold iterations can be fully adorned with 281 pavé-set D-F VVS1 diamonds, adding up to approximately 5.09 carats.

The KS 05 Collection encapsulates Kross Studio's aptitude for revolutionary timekeeping while maintaining the core principles of traditional watchmaking. This collection heralds a transformative era in luxury timepieces, effortlessly merging artistic craftsmanship, pioneering engineering, and distinctive personal expression. Each variant is restricted to 10 numbered pieces, rendering each timepiece a limited-edition masterwork. The KS 05 collection is now available for purchase at, through official partners, and at select authorized retailers.

ABOUT Kross Studio

Kross Studio is an independent watchmaking manufacture and Swiss design studio, founded in 2020 by Marco Tedeschi. Within a few months in operation, Kross Studio achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first luxury watch brand to partner with Star Wars. Their joint effortculminated in an exceptional collector set comprising a top-of-the-line watch, a functional art piece, and a screen-used movie prop. Since then, exquisite collector sets have been unveiled, one after the other, and six unique movements have been developed for each of their timepiece. The collector sets created by Kross Studio draw inspiration from iconic pop culture universes, in collaboration with major players in global entertainment such as Warner Bros. Discovery, HBO, DC Comics or Lucasfilm.

In the early months of 2023, Kross Studio launched its floating central tourbillon movement, marking a world-first achievement that has been patented. Equipped with this caliber, the inaugural line of Kross Studio's exclusive timepieces elegantly harmonizes with its collaboration collection.With its in-house expertise in designing and manufacturing high-end watches, Kross Studio is able to offer products that are both exclusive and innovative. The brand is committed to challenging conventions and deeply respects ancestral know-how, providing each collector with a unique way to indulge in their passion.

Kross Studio’s products are available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons (UAE), Al Majed (Qatar), Berger and Emwa (Mexico), Chronopassion (France), Europe Watch (Hong Kong & Macau), Pisa (Italy), Sonraj (Pakistan), Swiss Prestige (Taiwan), Watches of Switzerland (UK & USA), and on

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