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Isharya Opens its Inaugural Flagship Shop on Lavelle Road, Bangalore

  • 25th Apr 2023
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Isharya Opens its Inaugural Flagship Shop on Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Isharya on Lavelle Road, Bangalore

April 2023 :

Isharya, a popular Instagram jewellery brand that combines modern techniques with heirloom details to create glamorous pieces, opens its first flagship store on Lavelle Road in Bengaluru.

The architect Tejal Mathur used juxtapositions to emphasise the beauty of gemstones, which are geological marvels of the earth.

The jewellery brand unveils a dazzling oasis of precious stones in the centre of central Bengaluru

The store's design is an interplay of white lime plaster walls supporting copper shelving beneath a mirror-covered ceiling. Using principles of craft and light, the space enhances the spectacle of Isharya's portfolio of gemstone collections. Tejal Mathur designed the store as a tangible manifestation of Isharya's core values: fashion, opulence, and subtle glitter. A structure resembling a terraced dune serves as the visual focal point; finished in pulverised stone, the installation sparkles, creating a visual reference to Isharya's slogan, "you were born to sparkle."

From light fixtures that resemble rock clusters of angular planes to the tranquil serenity of lime plaster, the space embodies nature's dramatic sense of contrasts.


Gauri Tandon, co-founder of Isharya, says of the opening:

"This store was created with the same care and consideration that goes into every Isharya item of jewellery. It was thrilling to work with designer and acquaintance Tejal Mathur, whose vision we hold in the highest regard. It is unique because it completes our voyage of creating contemporary Indian jewellery."

Elements of the store investigate these concepts symbolically, such as the evocative lighting structure in the room's centre, which was inspired by volcanic pebbles that indicate the geological origin of gold. At a second glance, a custom wallpaper depicting a local jewellery market with colonnades and arches juxtaposes an otherwise modern space with the epitome of luxury: Indian craftsmanship.

The store carries Isharya's best-selling collection, including the fifth and most recent installment of the Modern Maharani series. Additionally, the store carries the juvenile, color-focused pieces by Bright Young Things and Poppin'. This eclectic space offers something for every type of jewellery enthusiast, with 18-karat gold and signature Isharya variegated plating, hand-cut mirrors, polymers, enamel, and semiprecious stones.


Incredibly Glam 

This season, Isharya is creating a new world of gemstones in which glitz is the norm. Numerous outstanding items exhibit a modern Indian eclectic aesthetic influenced by Mughal, Baroque, and Art Deco architectural movements. Elegant crescent-shaped silhouettes are combined with vibrant stones such as Pink and Green Jade. Angular forms and geometric patterns are constructed with mathematical precision. A mesh-like graphic treatment of mirrors is prevalent throughout the collection. The result is an extravagant collection of gemstones that is ideal for day-to-night gatherings, nuptials, and special occasions.

The collection reimagines the parts as identifying artefacts. And each design conveys a story about elegance and how jewellery should be enjoyable. This is communicated via gilded, flexible links of varying diameters and whimsical details such as mixed metals. However, Modern Maharani is not just a celebration of delicate geometrical shapes and daring styling; it also highlights hand-cut compressed marquise mirrors, hand-carved semi-precious stones, and lavish sugarloaf cuts.

The key concept?

To clothe a new generation of 'It' females who are entertaining, fabulous, and confident in who they are!


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