Isharya High is an Ode to High-end Jewellery

  • 28th Oct 2023
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Isharya High is an Ode to High-end Jewellery

The exquisite jewellery industry is about to be revolutionised by Isharya High. In a world where jewellery is often kept out of sight, it may suddenly become the centre of attention during special events when you want to shine brightly, draw attention to yourself, and highlight special occasions.

More than just a selection of accessories, this line was designed to provide extra-ordinary ladies brilliant moments wherever they go. Jewellery with the dazzling Rêve Crystals and Emerald Doublets are hallmarks of the Isharya High Collection.

Each item is made from 925 Sterling Silver and comes with a lifetime guarantee to ensure its durability and quality. To ensure that you sparkle with every step, each design is painstakingly plated with high-shine rhodium and has specially cut Rêve Crystals that are created to catch and refract light like only the world's most magnificent diamonds.

As the first product of its type, Isharya High promises an experience unlike any other.

It takes you on a journey of refined elegance while turning jewellery into a token of eternal love. The Isharya High Collection is designed for the modern-day jetsetter, providing a touch of luxury the Isharya way, whether you're basking in the glory of an intimate island celebration or about to embark on a large wedding extravaganza in a far-flung destination.

Isharya has locations in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Noida, and their products may be purchased on their website,, or at any of their physical shops.

The prices vary from Rs.6,999/- to Rs.74,999/-.

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