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Is Augmented Reality Shaping The Future of The Jewellery Sector?

  • 31st Jul 2020
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Is Augmented Reality Shaping The Future of The Jewellery Sector?

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream, says Eleanor Roosevelt.

The paradigm shift in retail especially after the pandemic has provoked all sectors to re-define their approach and attract business. The change is not something that wasn’t expected; rather ‘the expected’ arrived sooner than anticipated. Brands are looking to try every medium possible to reach to its client -Technology is one such medium that seems to be the torch bearer to this reform.

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With gold prices soaring high one might imagine the segment taking a significant hit but to their surprise it is amongst the industries that witnesses ‘no compromise’. The intervention of technology in the form of Augmented Reality(AR)  has revolutionized the way people buy and sell jewellery today. Decreased or no physical visits to the actual store, now encourages people to shop in their comfort. Augmented reality in the luxury jewellery industry has also revolutionized the brick and mortar experience. The retailer need not stock a huge inventory; rather have a catalogue that customers can virtually try from to place orders- increasing conversion possibilities on a wide range of products. Our recent interview with the co-founder of StyleDotMe’s MirrAR gave us quite an insight on how the retailers as well as the end consumers have welcomed the technology as something they had been yearning for, for quite some time now.

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The Covid pandemic has been wreaking havoc on all businesses especially the ones that have the ‘look, touch & feel factor’ as one of the most essential ways to sell. The jewellery sector definitely falls in one such category where ‘experience’ is a very important element. Augmented Reality services like MirrAR have come to the rescue and created a bridge where customers have been able to virtually experience each piece of jewelry and help them make decisions. It is surely here to stay, evolve and enhance customer experience and ease transactions for the luxury jewelry industry in a big way.


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