India International Travel Mart in Pune From 24 to 26 November 2023

  • 24th Nov 2023
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India International Travel Mart in Pune From 24 to 26 November 2023

'India International Travel Mart' is a gathering place for individuals from all over the world to convene in honour of exploration, travel, and the limitless opportunities that the tourism and travel industries provide. Guests are cordially welcomed to this occasion.

By opening this ground-breaking event and inaugurating Pune's largest travel exhibit, we hope to provide an engaging platform for networking, conducting business, and gaining access to the marvels of our vibrant planet.

Beyond being a mere exhibition, the 'India International Travel Mart' serves as a communal tribute to the inherent spirit of exploration that permeates every individual. By virtue of being a platform for nurturing a more profound comprehension of the world we live in and forging connections between cultures, this exhibition does more than simply present the most recent developments and trends in the travel sector.

It provides an opportunity for seasoned travel agents, industry leaders, and aspiring adventurers to convene, foster collaboration, and profit from the prospect of undertaking a novel and thrilling expedition.

The 3 day B2B expo was inaugurated by Ms. Noriah Jaafar, Director, Tourism Malaysia-Mumbai along with Mr. Deepak Pujari, President, Travel Agents Association Pune, Mr. Amit Sharma, President, Poona Hoteliers Association, Mr. Mehboob Shaikh, Chairman, Travel Agent Association Of India - Pune Chapter, Mr.  Sameer Kuklkarni, Chairman, The Travel Agents Federation of India - Pune Chapter, Mr. Priyaank Ranka, President, Tourism Forum of Maharashtra, Mr. Sagar Waghchoure, President, Travel Agent Association Of Nashik, Mr. Jeevan Hendre, Chairman, Enterprising Travel Agents Association -  Western India, Mr. Saket Pimple, Chairman, Ethical Travel Professionals Association Of India and Mr. Pravin Ghorpade, Chairman, Bharatiya Paryatan Vikas Society.

Partnerships for Development, Solutions for Success | IITM Pune

With the participation of prospective travel agents, tour operators, corporate purchasers, and members of various travel-trade organisations, this assembly seeks to cultivate a dynamic pool. Emerging influencers will also have the opportunity to network with their peers in addition to producing content. Attendees of the travel industry are invited to participate, network, and establish significant relationships in the ever-evolving realm of travel and hospitality at this annual event. 

"I am delighted to declare Pune the dynamic host city for the IITM event, which will be held from November 24th to the 26th, 2023,"

said Rohit Hangal, Director of Sphere Travel Media. The national tourism sector in India has established itself as a resilient industry with substantial prospects for additional expansion.

The tourism industry is instrumental in stimulating economic expansion and bolstering local communities, owing to its wide array of attractions and rising disposable income. India can further foster this flourishing sector and guarantee that its populace is able to behold the splendour and awe of its nation by prioritising infrastructure development, sustainability, and targeted marketing.

"With more than two hundred exhibitors, the IITM Event in Pune will proudly present the finest that India has to offer,"

we are delighted to announce.Director of Sphere Travel Media Sanjay Hakhu further stated, "Both leisure and business travellers find our nation to be among the most captivating and fruitful in the travel industry.

Enticing a wide array of participants, such as prospective clients, suppliers, distributors, and business partners, IITM provides extraordinary networking opportunities. Appealing to individuals who genuinely have an interest in the products or services on exhibit, IITM is an economical method of reaching a highly targeted audience. Brand recall and awareness are enhanced by the occasion.

It is a strategic move to include exhibitions in a marketing strategy, which can yield a multitude of advantages.See the World and Explore the Nation!In 2024, cultural exploration will be a singular focus for travellers, according to the 2024 Travel Trends report by Skyscanner. Culture-curious travellers range from budget-conscious connoisseurs of haute cuisine in search of the most exceptional dining experience (at the most affordable price) to concert-goers who are jet-setting to see their beloved artists. As per the Ministry of Tourism Maharashtra, Maharashtra is the most popular destination among international visitors. 

The event's high pointsThe region's largest travel eventOffering over a thousand destinations in India and around the world, our vacation packages are the most extensive available.

It is one of the highlights of your quest for the ideal vacation this year, as over twenty Indian tourism destinations will be participating.Appreciation of The featured nation is Malaysia.Partner States include Karnataka, Odisha, and Uttar Pradesh.

The feature states are Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Arunachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, whereas the focus states are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Jammu & Kashmir.Observe the wondrous hues and unparalleled vibrancy of "Incredible India."Free admission is precisely timed to coincide with the winter holidays.

More about Pune

Located in the scenic region of Maharashtra, Pune is currently witnessing a significant growth in its tourism industry, which is distinguished by its flourishing hospitality sector and abundant cultural heritage. In addition to its cultural diversity and historical significance, Pune's tourism market reveals a metropolis that exemplifies the expansion potential of the sector. Information technology, manufacturing, the automotive industry, and services are all components of the city's diverse economy.

With a multitude of international software farms and IT firms, Pune's IT sector, which is frequently dubbed the "Silicon Valley of India," substantially contributes to the economic expansion of the municipality. Establishments and organisations in search of a favourable atmosphere that fosters innovation and technological progress have begun to gravitate towards this location.

Concentrating on automobile manufacturing and engineering, Pune's manufacturing sector is robust. It is a significant participant in India's automotive industry due to the fact that it is home to prominent automotive corporations. Additional factors that have contributed to the city's economic prosperity are the presence of industrial zones and specialised parks, which have facilitated the expansion of manufacturing enterprises.

With a history dating back to 1998, the 'India International Travel Mart' has become the preeminent event brand in India dedicated to travel and tourism. Hotels and resorts, Destination Management Companies, Car Rentals and Fleet operators, Travel Technology, and tourism boards from India and abroad will all utilise the event to showcase and promote their product lines, in addition to travel agents and tour operators, online travel portals, and hotels and resorts.

Attendees of the travel industry, including event specialists, fleet managers, wedding planners, and corporate travel managers, will be available to meet and conduct business with at this wonderful opportunity for branding.

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