India International Travel Mart in Hyderabad Between December 1 and 3 December 2023 is a Travel Event You Cannot Miss

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India International Travel Mart in Hyderabad Between December 1 and 3 December 2023 is a Travel Event You Cannot Miss

India International Travel Mart December 2023 - Hyderabad

A number of distinguished individuals inaugurated and attended the commencement of India International Travel Mart, including Ms. Rakhee Kankaria, Chairperson, Tourism Committee, FKTCCI; Mr. Krupakar Ravipati, India Tourism; Mr. HP. Janardhana, Joint Director, Karnataka Tourism; Ms. Sujana Kumar, TOAT; Abdul Jabbar; Pawan Jain; J&K Tourism; Rajasthan Tourism; Smt. Madhumati Rathod; Maharashtra Tourism; Valmiki Kishan; SKAL; Mr. Monik Dharamshi; SKAL; ANTO; and Ms. Rakhee Kan.

'India International Travel Mart' is a gathering place for individuals from all over the world to partake in a jubilant celebration of travel, tourism, and the limitless opportunities that lie ahead.

Guests are cordially welcomed.

With the opening of Hyderabad's preeminent travel showcase and this groundbreaking event, our goal is to furnish an opportunity to explore the marvels of our dynamic planet while establishing a captivating platform for networking, conducting business, and transacting.

It is now more time to make arrangements for your vacation at the IITM at the Hitex Exhibition Centre, as the winter break approaches. With more than one thousand holiday destinations in India and abroad represented by more than two hundred exhibitors, the discerning traveller is truly spoiled for choice. With the relaxation of border controls, an international vacation is now a mere visit away. The variety of destinations at the event provides the motivation to live it up once more.

The 'India International Travel Mart' transcends its status as a mere exhibition and serves as a symbolic tribute to the inherent sense of exploration that is intrinsic to every individual. In addition to showcasing the most recent developments and trends in the travel industry, this exhibition provides an opportunity to cultivate a greater understanding of the world we live in and to create bridges between cultures.

It is a forum where professionals in the travel industry, ambitious explorers, and seasoned travel agents convene to discuss business prospects, exchange insights, and gain advantages for a thrilling new voyage.Live a More Travelled Life!

The allure of the wilderness and the allure of exploration have significantly transformed the process of organising vacations. The vacation platter has been transformed into an experiential one, encompassing cultural immersion in Gujarat and Rajasthan, a skiing expedition in Jammu Kashmir, a wildlife expedition in the forested regions of Karnataka, and a visit to Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, to relive the civilizational roots of India.

The most productive travel marketplace in India provides an exceptional networking opportunity for professionals in the travel and hospitality sectors, enabling them to expand their holiday portfolios. The opportunity for the travel industry to convene, network, negotiate, and conduct business is unprecedented. The purpose of the event is to facilitate direct interaction between the travel industry, corporate purchasers, and end-users who possess the necessary purchasing power.

Expose the realm of Responsible Tourism

In an effort to advocate for wellness and responsible tourism, IITM actively engages in the global adoption of sustainable practises. The exhibition showcases conservation efforts, community-based tourism projects, and eco-friendly initiatives that aim to safeguard the natural and cultural heritage of India. It promotes the idea of travellers acting sustainably and making a favourable impact on the locations they visit. Explore emerging and one-of-a-kind travel destinations in Jharkhand, Odisha, Meghalaya, and Jharkhand to discover the realm of sustainable tourism.

IITM Hyderabad | Connections for Development, Solutions for Success

The primary objective of this assembly is to create a dynamic network that attracts prospective travel agents, tour operators, corporate purchasers, and members of diverse travel-related organisations. In addition to creating content, aspiring influencers will also have the opportunity to network with their peers.

This event provides a yearly occasion for members of the travel industry to convene, establish connections, and network within the ever-evolving realm of travel and hospitality. Explore the Nation and the World!"I am delighted to emphasise Hyderabad's remarkable potential, following the success of the IITM events in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore," said Rohit Hangal, Director of Sphere Travel Media.

Hyderabad has emerged as a prominent destination for international tourists, as evidenced by its 20% higher contribution to the city's economy and a 15% increase in tourist traffic year-over-year. The act of hosting the IITM event, which unites multiple tourism boards, signifies more than a mere festivity; it signifies a recognition of Hyderabad's substantial influence in moulding the trajectory of the travel sector. "Each data point in this pearl city, where history and modernity converge, reveals a tale of exponential expansion and boundless potential."According to Sanjay Hakhu, Director of Sphere Travel Media, the IITM, which will be held in Hyderabad, offers exceptional prospects for networking and attracts a wide-ranging audience consisting of potential clients, members of the travel industry, and corporate partners. Hyderabad is poised to experience remarkable growth in the tourism industry, which is supported by continuous infrastructure improvements and a steadfast dedication to excellence. The city's increasing number of tourists is a clear indication of its appeal, which has made a substantial contribution to its economic expansion. In addition to its cost-effectiveness as a method of engaging a specific audience, this event serves as a strategic manoeuvre that bolsters brand recognition and ensures a lasting brand memory.Notable Aspects of the EventThe largest travel occasion in the regionThe largest selection of vacation packages to more than a thousand domestic and international destinations.More than twenty Indian tourism destinations are participating this year, making it a highlight of your vacation planning endeavours.Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, and Gujarat are the Partner States.The focus states are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Jammu & Kashmir, whereas the feature states are Delhi, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, and Jharkhand. Behold the remarkable hues and unparalleled vibrancy of "Incredible India."Offers of appealing discounts for Spot Bookings.Entry is free and perfectly timed to target the winter holidays.

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