IMPACT 2024 - Celebrating Women's Leadership in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • 21st Mar 2024
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IMPACT 2024 - Celebrating Women's Leadership in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Mumbai, 20th March - The esteemed Ladies’ Wing of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry put together a remarkable ensemble of recognition, empowerment, and innovation: IMPACT 2024, within the grandeur of the Walchand Hirachand Hall, nestled within the iconic IMC Building in Churchgate, Mumbai.

This event, held on Tuesday, March 19th, 2024, served as a testament to the spirit of women leaders across India.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs:

“At the IMC Ladies Wing, we are constantly striving to innovate and find new ways to empower women entrepreneurs. This year, we challenged ourselves to think outside the box and explore what more we could do at IMPACT”

Ms. Amrita Somaiya, President of the IMC Ladies Wing.

WE Tank Program – A Catalyst for Change:

A highlight of IMPACT 2024 was its groundbreaking Women Entrepreneurship Tank (WE Tank) Program, generously supported by Bioriidl. This visionary initiative provided an exalted platform for women to showcase their transformative business ideas to esteemed investors, fostering a realm of possibility and potential. IMPACT 2024 unfolded as a grand celebration of women's entrepreneurship, drawing together visionaries, luminaries, and enthusiasts alike. 

A Showcase of Promising Ventures:

“I must acknowledge that the task of selecting the top 5 finalists was no easy feat. Each application showcased exceptional potential and innovation, making the decision-making process incredibly challenging. However, through careful deliberation and thorough review, we were able to identify the most promising ventures that demonstrated the highest level of merit and promise” 

Ms. Soha Parekh, Chairperson of IMPACT.

A Harmonious Conclusion:

Distinguished figures in the investment world, including luminaries like Ms. Paula Mariwala, Mr. Sasha Mirchandani, and Mr. Arjun Vaidya, Ms. Kruti Raiyani lent their expertise and insight, evaluating proposals with discerning eyes and nurturing budding ventures with invaluable mentorship and guidance. 

The presence of keynotes speaker Ms. Ajaita Shah, Founder and CEO of Frontier Markets, infused the event with a spirit of inspiration and aspiration, leaving attendees spellbound by her wisdom and experience.

Five remarkable startups, adorned with innovation and vision, captivated the audience and investors alike, offering glimpses into a future brimming with promise and potential.

Anatomech, Cashvisory, Gifto Lexia, Maw & Paw, and Utopian emerged as beacons of creativity, each promising a unique contribution to the art of entrepreneurship.

The crowning moments of IMPACT 2024 arrived with the conferral of awards: Anatomech claimed the coveted Investors' Award, while Maw & Paw garnered the adoration of the audience, earning the Audience Choice Award. Their triumphs stand as a testament to the transformative power of vision, dedication, and perseverance.

As the evening drew to a close, attendees were treated to a spellbinding musical performance by the enchanting Ms. Kavita Murty Deshpande and her troupe, weaving melodies of harmony and inspiration.

IMPACT 2024 stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the IMC Ladies' Wing to celebrate women who encompass resilience, creativity, and determination, illuminating the path forward for generations of women to come.

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