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Hot Pot - A Steamy Affair at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

  • 15th Sep 2023
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Hot Pot - A Steamy Affair at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

Four Seasons Resort The hotel's award-winning Pan-Asian restaurant, San:Qi, will launch an exquisite Hot Pot promotion on September 18th, 2023.

Chef Lin Lin Yang's newest dish promises to tantalise your taste senses and soothe your heart with his passion for authentic Asian cuisine and his creative flare in the kitchen.

San:Qi, located within the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, is a culinary sanctuary that combines Asian flavours in a seamless manner. The restaurant is renowned for its innovative concept of integrating the finest Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Indian cuisines under one roof, offering a diverse and exquisite culinary voyage.

Hot Pot is more than a meal for the uninitiated; it is an experience. Originating in China, it is prepared communally at the table by immersing a variety of ingredients in a simmering, flavorful broth. It is a social and sensual feast that draws people together around a simmering saucepan.

At San:Qi, a variety of broths, from the peppery Sichuan to the milder mushroom, are available to satisfy all tastes. The ingredients include succulent meats, fresh seafood, colourful vegetables, and hand-made noodles. Chef Lin Lin Yang's meticulous attention to detail ensures the highest quality ingredients and the ideal balance of seasonings in each and every mouthful. As you submerge, sauté, and savour, you will discover new flavour nuances with every combination.

Those in search of the ideal combination of ambiance, savour, and communal dining should make a reservation at San:Qi to experience Chef Lin Lin Yang's extraordinary Hot Pot.

Your taste senses will be grateful!

  • Date: 18th- 30th September 2023
  • Time: Lunch & Dinner
  • Venue: San:Qi at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai


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