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Holland Fashion Retailer Scotch & Soda Introduces A Boat in Partnership With Plastic Whale For World Environment Day

  • 7th Jun 2021
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Holland Fashion Retailer Scotch & Soda Introduces A Boat in Partnership With Plastic Whale For World Environment Day

The World Environment Day on 5th June is now celebrated with unique gestures and actions by various individuals and companies the world over. To commemorate World Environment Day in 2021 One of Holland's biggest fashion retailer Scotch & Soda did something very special.

Scotch & Soda introduced a unique boat in association with Plastic Whale, an environmental organization in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The beautiful boat called as ‘The Free Spirit of Amsterdam’ can accommodate up to eight people. What is really special about it is that it has been created using recycled plastic waste retrieved from the various canals of Amsterdam.

The amazing brand colours of Scotch & Soda have been infused in the body and they are incorporated in the boat design. There are around nine hundred black plastic bottle caps and golden brass buttons (left overs) that have been deployed to create the mesmerizing deck. The rims of ‘The Free Spirit of Amsterdam’ boat are made from a highly sustainable form of wood called platowood.

Scotch & Soda CEO Frederick Lukoff opined that the way Plastic Whale have utilized plastic in their mission showcases that plastic can be turned into something useful and inspiring at the same time.

He also added that with this recycled plastic waste boat, Scotch & Soda wanted to keep the issue of water pollution on top and additionally provide an opportunity to their clients to do good and help preserve the beauty of Amsterdam's iconic canals.

Marius Smit who is the founder of Plastic Whale chipped in by saying that he was greatly proud to have Scotch & Soda as their new partner.

Sustainable luxury and sustainable living are sure coming a long way. Let us hope all these amazing gestures from some of the most creative enterprises on planet earth go a long way in healing our environment.


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