Global Luxury Brand Bugatti & Acclaimed Optical Designer Larry Sands Introduce The First Bugatti Eyewear Collection

  • 17th Feb 2023
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Global Luxury Brand Bugatti & Acclaimed Optical Designer Larry Sands Introduce The First Bugatti Eyewear Collection

The First Bugatti Eyewear Collection 

The new eyewear collection from Bugatti Brand Lifestyle is bold, risky, and ahead of the curve.

The collection has nine distinct styles and 37 conversation starters.

Collection One, introduced in a glamorous private event at Milan, Italy's Hotel Principe di Savoia, captures the spirit of Bugatti as the epitome of vehicle elegance, performance, and design while also showcasing the innovative genius of Larry D. Sands, a forerunner in the field of optical fashion.

Palladium, 925 sterling silver, carbon fibre, and Macassar ebony are just some of the materials that may be used to create the 37-piece, nine-style set. Its visual identity draws on historical and current Bugatti design languages, reimagining them in a sleek, futuristic optical appearance. Inspired by Ettore Bugatti's maxim, "If similar, it is no longer Bugatti," Collection One successfully captures and converts Bugatti's essential ideas into unique eyewear products that are at the forefront of fashion, resulting in appealing and elegant accessories. Bugatti only wanted the finest when launching its new range of eyeglasses, so it hired a proven industry expert to dream up, mould, and fully realise the brand's new signature markings.

To say that Larry is a pioneer in the field of optical fashion would be an understatement. His 60-year career is legendary for having contributed to the conception, design, and production of countless eyewear pieces and collections for the industry's preeminent fashion houses and eyewear manufacturers.

And, "it was an honour to be invited by the world's most powerful and exquisite motor business to design their eyewear," he said, adding that he had been taken aback by the contact from Bugatti. "Despite the improbability of everything I create, Bugatti Eyewear is among my most unlikely creations to date. The worst enemy of creativity is expectation.

It took Larry and Bugatti two years to design glasses that would do justice to Ettore's ideas. Using the kind of design alchemy that can only occur when two forward-thinking brains come together, Collection One breaks all the rules and pushes all the boundaries.

To develop Collection One, we used cutting-edge materials and production techniques never before seen in the eyewear industry. Every single piece is lovingly crafted in Japan from genuine 925 sterling silver and 18k gold or palladium.

Collection One also marked the first successful use of Positive Vapor Deposition (PVD), another key advance for the eyewear industry. PVD involves the vaporisation of a solid material, followed by its deposition onto the product's surface in a vacuum. In the making of Bugatti automobiles, the PVD serves as a Diamond-Like Coating, a surface with exceptional wear resistance.

Including the iconic red enamel Finish and using carbon material and Macassar ebony are some novel touches that pay homage to Bugatti automobiles. Each of the 37 prototypes has a sophisticated, custom-made wirecore that was built in sheets to replicate the classic grillwork that adorns the horseshoe radiator of every Bugatti super sports vehicle.

According to Bugatti International MD Wiebke Sthl:

"The decision to partner with such a famous, respected, and seasoned artist as Larry Sands is a homage to our shared design ideas and goal to create extremely iconic cars. I'm overjoyed to introduce Bugatti Eyewear, our new line of high-quality eyewear that fills a strategic need in our portfolio and the wider Bugatti brand lifestyle offering."

Collection One debuted on February 4, 2023, at the MIDO Optical Trade Expo in Milan, Italy, and will be available exclusively at the world's finest specialty retailers.

Prices at retail may be found from USD 1,295 to USd 15,000

See for further details.

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