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Gaggan Anand & The Ritz Carlton Bangalore: A Charismatic Culinary Collaboration

  • 29th Nov 2023
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Gaggan Anand & The Ritz Carlton Bangalore: A Charismatic Culinary Collaboration

The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore cordially invites you to embark on a gastronomic expedition in collaboration with Chef Gaggan Anand, a man of impeccable reputation. Chef Gaggan will reinvent Progressive Indian Cuisine at The Market, our international all-day dining establishment, beginning on December 6, 2023.

This culinary experience will invite patrons to an oasis where conventional Indian fare is given a delightful spin by Chef Gaggan.A pioneer in the field of gastronomy, Chef Gaggan Anand is an individual of exceptional artistic ability who skillfully coordinates flavours. With a reputation for innovative thinking, he brought about a significant transformation in the realm of Indian gastronomy at 'Gaggan' and further advanced this culinary tradition by establishing 'Gaggan Anand Restaurant.'

Asia’s Finest Indulgence – An exclusive dinner curated by renowned Chef Gaggan Anand

His gastronomic creations, which are a harmonious integration of contemporary methods and aged Indian recipes, have garnered global recognition.

Chef Gagan's imaginative menu, which will include both his signature and innovative creations, guarantees a sensory overload as a result of this partnership. The reestablishment of Gaggan Anand Restaurant represented a triumphant return amidst the industry's challenges, as it secured prominent positions on numerous lists.

In June 2023, the redesigned establishment was ranked seventeenth on the World's 50 Best List, further demonstrating the establishment's innovative approach, which garnered it recognition such as number five on Asia's Top 50 Best Restaurants shortly after its debut.

The Market, located at The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, transcends its status as a mere dining establishment and serves as an oasis of gastronomy, where an assortment of specialties converge. Chef Gagan skillfully crafts an unforgettable dining experience amidst the breathtaking ambiance of The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore.

At The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore, we are delighted to showcase the exceptional culinary prowess of Chef Gagan Anand, a highly regarded culinary master in Asia. This extraordinary collaboration introduces our esteemed patrons to the culinary mastery of contemporary Indian fare, symbolising the pinnacle of distinctive dining experiences in the city.

This event unifies the standards of culinary indulgence, offering an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Executive Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, is Mr. George Bennet Kuruvilla.

Guests are cordially invited to partake in this gastronomic spectacle, hosted by the esteemed chef Gagan Anand, within the luxurious surroundings of our renowned hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore.

Chef Gagan Anand is joining forces with The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore to supply the hotel's visitors with his distinctive culinary vision. With the breathtaking environs of The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore serving as the backdrop, patrons can anticipate an enticing menu that showcases Chef Gagan's inventive creations and signature fare.

Asia’s Finest Indulgence – Gaggan Anand

  • Venue:- The Market -The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
  • Date:-  6th December, 2023
  • Timings:- 7:00 pm onwards

To reserve your experience, please call +919035416155


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