Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai Celebrates The Best of San:Qi with a Culinary Tribute

  • 22nd Apr 2024
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Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai Celebrates The Best of San:Qi with a Culinary Tribute

As Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai prepares for the transformation of San:Qi, its award-winning pan-Asian restaurant, a special promotion honors the venue's rich culinary heritage and memorable moments since its opening in 2008. Known for hosting over a million guests, San:Qi has been the backdrop to numerous romantic evenings and joyous family celebrations, weaving itself into the fabric of countless cherished memories.

Celebratory Culinary Selections

Until April 30th, San:Qi's 'Best of San:Qi' promotion offers guests a chance to savor a selection of signature dishes that have defined the restaurant's reputation. This curated menu includes favorites like Nukti Kebab, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, Chicken Katsu, and Stir-fried Chau Fan Noodles. Each dish showcases the passion and innovation that have been hallmarks of San:Qi’s culinary success, providing guests with one last opportunity to enjoy these beloved flavors.

A Nostalgic Farewell and a Promise of Return

Nitesh Gandhi, the General Manager at Four Seasons, reflected on the importance of their guests' satisfaction and appreciation, expressing deep gratitude for the loyalty San:Qi has enjoyed over the years.

"This celebration is not just a tribute to our culinary past but also an invitation to look forward to the exciting developments we have planned for San:Qi,"

he noted.

Guests are encouraged to share their San:Qi experiences on Instagram by tagging @FSMumbai and @SanQiMumbai. These shared memories will contribute to the restaurant’s social media celebration of its storied history.

As San:Qi temporarily closes its doors, the anticipation for its renewed presence promises new culinary adventures and the continuation of its legacy in Mumbai's vibrant gastronomic scene.

The 'Best of San:Qi' event is a strategic move to celebrate the restaurant's impact while gearing up for a significant transformation. It not only serves as a farewell festivity that allows loyal patrons to revisit their favorite dishes but also sets the stage for the upcoming relaunch. This approach helps maintain customer interest and ensures that the restaurant remains in the public eye even as it undergoes changes, reinforcing the brand's commitment to culinary excellence and customer satisfaction.

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