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Finland Based Rens Seeks To Raise 1 million USD Via Crowdfunding For Its Climate Neutral Sneakers Nomad

  • 4th Aug 2021
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Finland Based Rens Seeks To Raise 1 million USD Via Crowdfunding For Its Climate Neutral Sneakers Nomad

Rens is an exciting new company based out of Finland. Finnish sustainable sneaker start-up Rens, which makes shoes made from coffee grounds, is looking to raise 1 million US dollars with a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacture of its new Nomad shoe, which represents a revolution in eco-design.

The company’s founders, Jesse Tran and Son Chuis are pioneering the use of recycled materials in performance shoes and its latest iteration, the Nomad, is constructed from a composite material made from recycled coffee grounds and recycled plastic, utilising recycled products and by-products.

The Nomad is the second generation of sneaker Rens has developed and follows the success of the Original shoe launch in 2019, also funded via a Kickstarter campaign that hit 500,000 US dollars.

This time around, the start-up is aiming to become Finland’s biggest Kickstarter to date, with a target of 1 million US dollars, which will be used to manufacture and distribute the shoes.

Rens states that by launching again on Kickstarter that it is “putting the customer first” as it allows them to give real-time feedback, and by pledging before manufacturing it means that it “drastically” cuts down on factory overrun, production waste and transportation emissions.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive pairs of Nomad shoes dependent on their investment. Super early bird pricing will start at 89 US dollars for the first eight hours, before moving to an early bird price of 109 US dollars. Investors can also add on Rens coffee socks and shoelaces.


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