Explore a Century of Masterpieces: AstaGuru's 100th Milestone Auction

  • 30th Apr 2024
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Explore a Century of Masterpieces: AstaGuru's 100th Milestone Auction

AstaGuru celebrates a monumental milestone with its 100th auction, featuring an exceptional collection of modern Indian art that transcends time. This landmark event not only set world records but also showcased rare works from the foremost artists who have shaped the modern Indian art scene.

Delve into an art lover's paradise with masterpieces from the revered early modernists like Jamini Roy and Amrita Sher-Gil, to pioneers from the Progressive Artists’ Group including F N Souza and M F Husain. Held on April 27-28, 2024, the auction presented a curated selection of art spanning various movements and styles that have influenced 20th-century Indian art.

Siddanth Shetty, Chief Administrative Officer of AstaGuru, expressed immense pride in reaching this pivotal juncture.

“This milestone auction not only celebrates our journey but also reinforces AstaGuru role in enriching the art dialogue and collection landscape globally,

said Shetty.

Benjamin Hudson, J P Gangooly Sailoz Mookherjea K K Hebbar Anjolie Ela Menon /><figcaption class=Benjamin Hudson, J P Gangooly, Sailoz Mookherjea, K K Hebbar, Anjolie Ela Menon

Highlights from the auction include a world record for a portrait by Benjamin Hudson, sold for 71.9 lakhs, and J P Gangooly landscape oil painting, which fetched 2.6 crores. Other notable sales included Sailoz Mookherjea painting for 1.2 crores, K K Hebbar depiction of Krishna which reached 2.9 crores, and Anjolie Ela Menon’s pastoral series artwork, acquired for 1.3 crores.

Biren De, Manu Parekh, Gurcharan Singh /><figcaption class=Biren De, Manu Parekh’s, Gurcharan Singh

The event also spotlighted Neo-Tantric themes by Biren De and expressive scenes from Manu Parekh’s Benares series, each achieving new records. Furthermore, Gurcharan Singh’s compelling juxtapositions in his artwork fetched 37.6 lakhs, adding another record to the auction achievements.

With works from Nicholas Roerich to Manjit Bawa and beyond, the auction not only celebrated artistic excellence but also offered collectors and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a piece of history.

For more detailed results and to view upcoming auctions, visit AstaGuru website or follow on social media.

About AstaGuru:

Founded in 2008, AstaGuru has pioneered secure online auctioning in India, catering to a wide array of categories from art to vintage cars. Known for its transparent processes, AstaGuru provides a seamless experience for buyers and sellers globally. In 2018, it expanded into the vintage car market, setting yet another industry benchmark.

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