Expanding The Horizons of Possibilities & Empowering Travel Agents in The Heart of India - Networking Events by TravClan

  • 23rd Nov 2023
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Expanding The Horizons of Possibilities & Empowering Travel Agents in The Heart of India - Networking Events by TravClan

Travel agents are being digitally empowered by the organisation through the use of technological solutions and networking assistance. November 23, 2023, in New Delhi: TravClan, a prominent global B2B travel technology platform, is organising a series of networking events for travel agents throughout Tier II and Tier III cities in India.

The recent occurrences in Jalandhar and Kanpur represent their most recent foray into this nationwide undertaking. The objective is to furnish travel agents situated in lesser cities throughout India with a robust digital infrastructure, thereby fostering expansion by ensuring they remain abreast of the most recent developments in the travel sector.Many eager travel agents were drawn to the occasions in Jalandhar and Kanpur.

The platform enabled individual conversations with members of TravClan's team, who imparted knowledge regarding the strategic utilisation of the organization's technologies and solutions by travel agents in order to augment their enterprises.The events centred on disseminating vital insights regarding emergent trends and the future of travel, thereby providing agents with the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance customer service and expand their enterprises.

In the upcoming season, TravClan's introduction of novel travel products, services, and destination information will cause a disruption in the Indian travel industry. 

TravClan's assistance was commended by Karwaan Tours' Swati Shukla, who remarked, "It was a remarkable occasion to convene with individuals who espouse a comparable outlook on the travel and tourism sector. The insights provided were comprehensive and beneficial. The pragmatic technological solutions and tailored offerings for travel agents were, in my opinion, the true distinguishing factors.

The implementation of dedicated account managers by the company demonstrates their commitment to the progress and achievement of their partners. Participating at the events were more than two thousand travel partners, all of whom sought to strengthen relationships with other industry stakeholders.

The participants acquired valuable information regarding emerging global tourist destinations, including Bali, Vietnam, and Dubai, as well as thriving domestic travel hubs for the upcoming season. TravClan's Chirag Agrawal further stated, "We are witnessing an unparalleled increase in travel demand from all over India, with Tier II and Tier III cities experiencing the most significant growth."

Domestic tourism from smaller cities has increased in tandem with the development of superior road and rail connectivity to key destinations, which has been expedited by the Indian government. As previously unconnected regions are linked by the construction of new terminals, the number of international flights is growing.

As the per capita income rises, discretionary expenditures also increase. In the future, travellers from Tier II and Tier III cities will dominate the outbound travel market due to these developments.TravClan underscores the critical significance that travel agents attribute to this expansion.

Travellers continue to favour travel agents for the purpose of organising and reserving their trips. Such occasions offer remarkable prospects for travel agents to augment their expertise, competencies, and integration of digital technologies.

Refer to TravClan:TravClan is an international business-to-business travel technology platform that is revolutionising the manner in which travel agents offer and promote extraordinary travel experiences on a global scale. TravClan enables over 15,000 travel agents to sell travel online while providing comprehensive end-to-end on-ground travel services with a local on-ground presence in more than 18 destinations worldwide, with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology and seamless customer experiences.

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