EMERA Unleashes the EP 01-01 Cyborg Black Shadow Warrior - A Fusion of Samurai Spirit and Hypercar Precision

  • 30th Jan 2024
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EMERA Unleashes the EP 01-01 Cyborg Black Shadow Warrior - A Fusion of Samurai Spirit and Hypercar Precision

EMERA, the burgeoning luxury Swiss watchmaker, proudly unveils the EP 01-01 Cyborg Black Shadow Warrior, a timepiece that masterfully intertwines the artistry of ancient Japanese samurai with the innovation of modern watchmaking and the sleek aesthetics of hypercars.

This latest offering not only celebrates the samurai's spirit but also pushes the boundaries of luxury watch design.

A Homage to the Samurai Ethos

The EP 01-01 Cyborg Black Shadow Warrior is a testament to the enduring values of craftsmanship, mastery, and the relentless pursuit of perfection—qualities revered by both the ancient samurai and contemporary watchmakers. The watch's design intricately mirrors samurai armor and ethics, aiming to inspire its wearer with the samurai's virtues of excellence and integrity.

Craftsmanship Beneath the Surface

The dial of the EP 01-01 features a samurai warrior in full armor, a nod to the detailed forging techniques of Katana sword hilts and Tsuba (handguard). Hidden beneath a black DLC coating lies a hand-carved 18k rose gold base, a secret treasure known only to the watch's owner, symbolizing the samurai virtues of humility and modesty.

The Heart of the Warrior

At the core of this exceptional timepiece is the Calibre MRA 01, a precision-crafted, automatic movement featuring a sixty-second flying tourbillon. This movement, protected by the samurai guardian on the dial, epitomizes the blend of technical prowess and dedicated craftsmanship.

A Case of Hypercar Influence

While deeply rooted in samurai symbolism, the EP 01-01's case design unabashedly draws from the world of hypercars. Constructed from grade 5 titanium and coated with black DLC, the case's dynamic lines and high-performance materials echo the resilience and elegance of both the samurai and modern supercars.

EMERA's Visionary Ambition

EMERA's bold mission is to challenge and expand the horizons of haute horlogerie, appealing to a new era of luxury watch enthusiasts. Since its debut two years ago with the 'ultra futuristic' Cyborg collection, EMERA has captivated both industry insiders and aficionados of cutting-edge luxury. The brand's commitment to innovation was celebrated at a special gala dinner hosted by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, attended by luminaries including Louis Ducruet and icons of world football, marking a significant moment in EMERA's journey.


EMERA signifies the dawn of a new epoch in haute horlogerie. Founded in 2022 by Patrick Freiburghaus and Cyrano Devanthey, EMERA transcends traditional watchmaking conventions to explore new frontiers. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of sources including reptilian species, science fiction, and hypercars, EMERA crafts timepieces for the trailblazers of today, who boldly chart their own paths.

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