Embrace the Year of the Dragon - A Lunar New Year Gala at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

  • 2nd Feb 2024
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Embrace the Year of the Dragon - A Lunar New Year Gala at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

The Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai is set to usher in the Chinese New Year 2024 with grandeur and tradition. Celebrate the auspicious Year of the Dragon at San:Qi, our award-winning pan-Asian restaurant, from February 9th to 24th February 2024. This leap year, the dragon's power promises a vibrant start, blending the thrilling beats of lion dances with the essence of prosperity, connection, and festive gatherings.

Culinary Odyssey: The Flavours of China

Under the expert guidance of Chef Lin Lin Yang, a culinary journey awaits that marries the authenticity of ancient recipes with the flair of modern cooking techniques. Each dish, from succulent dim sums to the richly flavored New Zealand Lamb rack stew in star anise soy sauce, promises a deep dive into the heart of Chinese cuisine. The Sichuan fried tofu with jelly noodles stands as a testament to Chef Yang's prowess, offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience at San:Qi, brimming with exceptional Asian tastes.

A Dance of Fortune and Joy

Mark your calendars for the 9th and 10th of February to witness a spectacular Lion-Dance performance. Skilled artists, trained in the prestigious Yau Kung Moon style, will bring the hotel to life, inviting prosperity and happiness for the year ahead. Watch as the lions weave their magic through the hotel, bringing smiles and joy to all in attendance.

Join the Celebration

Lunar New Year Celebrations at San:Qi, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

  • Dates: February 9th to 24th, 2024
  • Serving: Lunch and Dinner
  • Price for Two: INR 4000 + taxes
  • Reservations: Call +91 (22) 6982 8000 to book your experience.

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