Discover The Art of Rare Jewellery at The Pinnacle of Luxury: Zoya at Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

  • 2nd Mar 2023
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Discover The Art of Rare Jewellery at The Pinnacle of Luxury: Zoya at Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

The Art of Unique Jewellery at Zoya - Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Mr. CK Venkataraman, MD of Titan Company Limited, and Mr. Puneet Chhatwal, MD and CEO of Indian Hotels Company Ltd, launched the Taj Mahal Palace boutique of Zoya, the sixth in India on 22nd February 2023.

This alliance between two of TATA's most prestigious brands is a monumental milestone for the corporation. Throughout the years, the beautiful atelier from the house of Tata has gained a reputation for unsurpassed originality, creative design, and immaculate workmanship, making it the destination of choice for the discriminating connoisseur.

Zoya's wearable works of art are a bejewelled homage to its inspiration, the Zoya lady, created as an everlasting tribute to her path of discovering her real self.

The Taj Mahal Palace is one of the world's most known places for luxury, therefore it is fortuitous that Zoya resides there. Indeed, the inauguration of the lovely Zoya store at this prestigious address is a monumental event for the Tatas, since it marks the union of the two businesses.

A floor-to-ceiling glass façade offers an enticing look into the rich, feminine interiors of Zoya, which glitter with unique jewels. A soothing silence and pastel colours of white, beige, and rose provide a pleasant greeting. The curved curves of the walls evoke a feeling of joy in the journey of a woman, which is the core of the Zoya universe.

This is a zone of indulgence where you may explore your passion for beautiful jewellery without interruption! White and pink signature chandeliers are interspersed around the shop.

Its design, handcrafted from the sustainable pulp of banana leaves and inspired by the delicate beauty of clover blossoms, is emblematic of the delicate blooming and development intrinsic to a woman's life journey.

Accents on the marble floor compliment creative details on the curving white walls of the boutique, creating a logical route around floating window displays and a centre island reminiscent of an art museum.

The new home of Zoya's wearable art at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai exemplifies the atelier's tradition of significant design, superb workmanship, and individualised service.

A leisurely investigation of the boutique's core reveals the expressive collections and masterpieces of Zoya. Each Zoya product is resonant with significance and transformed by brilliant design, the result of a deft marriage of tradition and contemporary. The display windows on the surrounding walls are covered with exquisitely created paper art that echoes the inspiration myths of each exquisite item.

For the sophisticated taste of the Zoya lady, sleek drawers conceal an abundance of treasures with seductive forms, one-of-a-kind cuts, and unexpected hues. Each aspect exemplifies Zoya's universe and handcrafted spirit; they are modest but detailed, easy yet created.

At the other end of the shop, translucent pink curtains expose a private salon with breathtaking views of the renowned Taj Boulevard, the Gateway of India, and the Arabian Sea beyond. Luxurious wall panelling, plush carpets, central sitting, and faceted mirrors offer the ideal setting for an immersive experience, while Zoya's hallmark hospitality pampers you with gourmet coffee or tea.

In this exclusive area, you can also explore Zoya's customised services, communicate with the brand's jewellery designers, and co-create genuinely one-of-a-kind unique jewellery.

Unveiling Unique Jewellery Art at the Famous Address of Luxury

According to CK Venkataraman,

"Zoya takes delight in creating a meaningful world for the Zoya lady. It is a brand where each item is a work of art, with an Indian heart and a global outlook. The inauguration of Zoya at the Taj is a time of tremendous pride and importance for us, as it represents the coming together of two of the greatest luxury brands from the House of Tata. The Taj is associated with the greatest in luxurious hospitality, and Zoya is the crown gem of our establishment. This junction of quality in design, customised service, and valuing artisanship highlights the path ahead for warm luxury."

Mr. Puneet Chhatwal, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of IHCL, said,

"The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai is thrilled to welcome Zoya from the house of Titan, in keeping with Tata group's strategy of generating synergies across its organisations. The Taj Mahal Palace has been the pinnacle of luxury for over a century and is home to a variety of famous worldwide lifestyle companies. Zoya, with its timeless beauty and flawless workmanship, offers our visitors something very special."

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About Zoya:

Zoya, the beautiful diamond shop from the House of Tata, is a luxury brand of fine jewellery, famous for its exceptional workmanship and unique design. Zoya is currently in its fourteenth year of business, during which it has developed significant works of wearable art for the discriminating, aesthetically savvy lady as its inspiration.

The five boutiques and galleries of Zoya in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, as well as in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, and Chandigarh, exhibit luxury in its purest form. With its distinctive goods, Zoya's customised service focuses on giving an unsurpassed purchase experience of warm luxury.

Zoya has expanded its services to include video-assisted jewellery consultations and home testing.

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