DEFY Skyline Tourbillon by ZENITH - A Harmonious Fusion of Precision and Style

  • 29th Feb 2024
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DEFY Skyline Tourbillon by ZENITH - A Harmonious Fusion of Precision and Style

The Birth of a New Horological Icon

The DEFY Skyline Tourbillon emerges as a radiant new star within the ZENITH constellation, showcasing an automatic high-frequency tourbillon calibre encased in steel and black ceramic versions. This innovation elevates the DEFY collection, blending ZENITH's hallmark of high-frequency precision with an audacious design ready to captivate both the casual observer and the discerning collector.

A Modern Tribute to Traditional Excellence

The tourbillon, a hallmark of horological excellence, is redefined by ZENITH to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. Rooted in a history that dates back to the late 18th century, the tourbillon's purpose has been transformed by ZENITH's ingenuity, showcasing an unparalleled expertise in high-frequency movements and bringing a modern edge to the DEFY collection's bold aesthetics.

Architectural Mastery in Motion

Encased in a 41mm faceted, geometric case, the DEFY Skyline Tourbillon is a masterpiece of design and engineering. Whether crafted in stainless steel or black ceramic, each timepiece presents a striking silhouette, seamlessly integrating the dynamic allure of a tourbillon mechanism with the architectural essence of the DEFY Skyline series.

A Celestial Dance on the Wrist

The tourbillon, reminiscent of a galaxy's heart, mesmerizes with its continuous rotation, visible through an aperture on the dial. Its cage, shaped like a four-pointed star, completes a revolution every 60 seconds, embodying the futuristic vision of the DEFY line. Enhanced water-resistance ensures this celestial spectacle can be admired in any environment, affirming the piece's versatility.

Illuminating the Heavens: Dial Design

Adapted specifically for this model, the DEFY Skyline's sunray-patterned dial features an engraved starry motif, centering on the tourbillon at 6 o'clock. The dial, available in blue or black, is illuminated by luminescent markers and hands, with the indices tailored to complement each version's color scheme, enhancing legibility and allure.

The Pulse of Innovation: El Primero 3630

The heart of the DEFY Skyline Tourbillon beats with the El Primero 3630 calibre, boasting a 60-hour power reserve. This movement's contemporary architecture is highlighted by Côtes de Genève stripes radiating from the tourbillon, visible through an open star-shaped rotor, offering a glimpse into the mechanical soul of the timepiece.

Unrivaled Adaptability and Elegance

Echoing the adaptability of the DEFY Skyline range, this tourbillon model features interchangeable bracelets in stainless steel or black ceramic, alongside a secondary rubber strap in blue or black. This seamless transition capability ensures the DEFY Skyline Tourbillon is suited for any occasion, without the need for tools.

Availability and Acquisition

The DEFY Skyline Tourbillon is ready to be discovered at ZENITH's boutiques, both physical and online, as well as through authorized retailers globally, inviting enthusiasts to explore a piece that transcends the boundaries of timekeeping and design.

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