Culinary Celebrations - FSheroes Unite at Four Seasons Bengaluru

  • 23rd Feb 2024
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Culinary Celebrations - FSheroes Unite at Four Seasons Bengaluru

This February, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru rolls out the red carpet for "FSheroes: Breaking Boundaries with Every Bite," a unique celebration that honors India’s most influential women chefs and nutritionists. Beginning February 29, 2024, and spanning a vibrant month, this event salutes the trailblazing journeys of women who've made indelible marks in the culinary world.

The Culinary Lineup:Savor the Flavors of Innovation

CUR8, our modern dining haven with its charming outdoor terrace, transforms into a culinary stage where three exceptional home chefs unveil their signature dishes, each a reflection of their unique journeys and achievements.

Bihari Delicacies by Rachna Prasad (February 29 - March 2):

Kickstarting the event, Rachna Prasad, celebrated for her Bihari cuisine, aims to immerse guests in Bihar's rich culinary heritage. Her passion for cooking has earned her the Notable HomeChef of India award, a testament to her dedication to crafting memorable dining experiences.

Bengali Feast by Joyadrita Chaterjee (March 7 - 9):

Next, Joyadrita Chaterjee introduces the essence of Bengali cuisine, with her mastery in utilizing mustard oil, fishes, and green vegetables to recreate the flavors of Kolkata, right here in Bengaluru.

Parsi Culinary Journey by Dilnawaz Fardoon Karkaria (March 14 - 16):

Closing the culinary showcase, Dilnawaz Fardoon Karkaria invites guests on a gastronomic voyage through Parsi cuisine, featuring her celebrated dishes that have become staples during Navroz festivities.

A Wellness Odyssey:Holistic Health with Gayathri Iyer

March brings another dimension to FSheroes with Infuse Spa's collaboration with holistic nutritionist Gayathri Iyer. Leveraging her extensive expertise in functional blood analysis and holistic wellness, Gayathri introduces a comprehensive wellness program designed to synergize with the spa’s luxurious treatments. Embrace a holistic approach to health and well-being, guided by Gayathri's evidence-based and integrative practices.

Celebrating Women’s Excellence: A Festive Fusion of Flair, Flavor, and Health

Reuben Kataria, General Manager of Four Seasons Bengaluru, emphasizes the hotel's commitment to innovation and creativity. FSheroes is a tribute to the resilient spirit of women who have shattered stereotypes and paved their own paths. We cordially invite you to partake in this homage to excellence, where gastronomy and wellness converge to offer an unparalleled experience.

Join the Feast: Dining and Wellness Reservations

Culinary Delights at CUR8:

Bihari cuisine by Rachna Prasad: February 29 - March 2

Bengali cuisine by Joyadrita Chaterjee: March 7 - 9

Parsi cuisine by Dilnawaz Fardoon Karkaria: March 14 - 16

For Reservations: +91 76191 46004

Holistic Wellness at Infuse Spa:

For Reservations: +91 96064 87959

Indulge in a celebration that marries the art of cooking with the science of well-being, all within the luxurious embrace of Four Seasons Bengaluru.

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