Chasing the Future: Lamborghini & IKEUCHI Join Hands For a Mesmerizing Collaboration

  • 22nd Feb 2023
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Chasing the Future: Lamborghini & IKEUCHI Join Hands For a Mesmerizing Collaboration

Chasing the Future with Lamborghini & IKEUCHI

Sant'Agata Bolognese, Japan, February 21, 2023:

Automobili Lamborghini will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2023, and to mark this momentous occasion, Lamborghini and Japan's most disruptive modern artist IKEUCHI have collaborated on a cutting-edge artwork.

Inspired by the 60th anniversary slogan "The future started in 1963," this cooperative effort is titled "Chasing the Future" and includes the "Time Gazer" and "Huracán STO[1] Time Chaser 111100."

Automobili Lamborghini, together with its strong network of 180 dealers in 53 countries, has chosen to commemorate its 60th anniversary with a cross-sectional initiative in which various markets will collaborate with globally recognised artists. The firm has built an artistic platform to examine Lamborghini's essential principles, which have defined it throughout its history and will continue to do so in the future. Their first Japanese cooperation will be shown alongside IKEUCHI in Tokyo.

Stephan Winkelmann, chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, said, "We are very happy to offer this work of art with IKEUCHI in this momentous 60th anniversary year. The Lamborghini Huracán STO Time Chaser 111100 combines heritage and innovation, the past and the future, and embodies Lamborghini's core principles to perfection. On the occasion of our 60th anniversary, Lamborghini pledges to continue to flourish as a brand that never ceases to push convention.

Since bursting into the art scene in the early 2010s, IKEUCHI's exceptional skill has swiftly garnered global notice and led to partnerships with internationally famous companies and significant artists.

Influenced by cyberpunk and robot anime, he merges plastic models with industrial product pieces to create a functional picture of the future.

The designer of the joint model, IKEUCHI, said,

"I am really thrilled to cooperate with Automobili Lamborghini for its 60th anniversary. Like I do with my work, the Brand is continually attempting to mould the future and challenge the current quo. The Time Gazer and Time Chaser were designed by integrating authentic pieces from former anniversary models and are intended to be a celebration of Lamborghini's history from the very beginning, with the intention of living longer in the future as well. I hope that Lamborghini owners and others will appreciate our partnership as a work of art that honours the next chapter of the brand's history."

These projects maximally explore the common themes shared by Lamborghini and IKEUCHI, namely the concepts of "time" and "timelessness": the Time Gazer was constructed using original Lamborghini components and is a large-scale art piece that encapsulates IKEUCHI's vision of the past, present, and future through the lens of Lamborghini's development.

The Lamborghini Huracán STO Time Chaser 111100, on the other hand, is a "Opera Unica," a one-of-a-kind limited edition that beautifully embodies IKEUCHI's cybernetics concept and Lamborghini's historic 60 years by breaking the conventions of the past via innovative and genuine expression. The lineage of Lamborghini is evident in the strong allusions to the launch colours of past anniversary models and the use of 111100, the binary code for the number 60, in the name.

IKEUCHI incorporated actual pieces from past Lamborghini anniversary models for these projects, including the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary, Lamborghini Diablo SE30, Lamborghini Murciélago 40th Anniversary, and Lamborghini Aventador LP-720-4 50th Anniversary. Mixing these features with others, IKEUCHI rendered the Huracan STO in his characteristic cyber-industrial style.

Davide Sfrecola, Head of Japan Automobili Lamborghini, said,

"We are delighted to formalise such a fruitful partnership with IKEUCHI, who embodies the future of Japan.Using shattered motherboards, plastic, and electrical cabling delicately moulded together to create a cyberpunk apocalyptic aesthetic, he accentuates and analyses the link and interplay between people and technology in a nation with millennia-old traditions and modern culture. There is a strong enthusiasm for art in all its manifestations, which ultimately permeates even the most mundane elements of life. This relationship will offer further hues of recognition to Japan and Automobili Lamborghini for a brand that has infused a nation with colour."


The artist IKEUCHI was born in Tokyo in 1990. Department of Information Design at Tama Art University graduate. The majority of his scholastic years were spent creating plastic models. In his graduation project, he merged plastic models to construct a hybrid diorama inspired by the idea that the interior of his most known item, a computer, resembled a hidden base. After receiving the Excellence Prize in the Entertainment Category at the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival, he was asked to participate in Ars Electronica, the premier media art event, and selected to design the visual campaign for a renowned fashion company. His art has gained appreciation both domestically and internationally.

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