Celebrate Spring with the Newest Fine Jewelry Designs from Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry - Make Stunning Mother's Day or International Women's Day Gifts

  • 24th Feb 2023
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Celebrate Spring with the Newest Fine Jewelry Designs from Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry - Make Stunning Mother's Day or International Women's Day Gifts

Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry's Latest Fine Jewelry Creations 

Only a handful of jewellers possess the skill of the Silvers.

The Silvers have a unique understanding of what makes a piece of jewellery really ageless due to their years of hands-on expertise with the world's rarest, most precious stones and estate jewellery treasures. The Silicon Valley jeweler's current collection, designed for the spring season, exhibits their creativity and craftsmanship in equal measure, while also providing great Mother's Day and International Women's Day gift alternatives. Each individual item of fine jewellery by Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry is distinguished by its distinctive design, superior craftsmanship, and unparalleled selection of precious gemstones.

Convertible Diamond and Leather NecklaceStephen Silver developed this one-of-a-kind convertible diamond and leather necklace with 41.42 total carats of diamonds for a lady who deserves the best. The innovative and stylish piece of jewellery changes effortlessly from a dazzling choker to twin diamond and leather band bracelets, providing many style alternatives.

Colorful and Precious Designs from Silicon Valley's Leading Luxury Jeweler Make Spectacular Gifts for Mother’s Day or International Women’s Day

Fancy Color Pavé Diamond Stud Earrings

In 18-karat rose gold, Stephen Silver's innovative diamond pavé stud earrings with fancy-colored diamonds combine modern aesthetics with a timeless design. Round brilliant cut pink diamonds (0.80 total carats) encircle two round brilliant cut Fancy Greenish Yellow diamonds (0.34 total carats) to create a radiant, seductive, and priceless design.

Ring with Spinel and Diamond HaloFeminine and enduring, this halo ring by Stephen Silver has a 3.66-carat cushion-cut spinel in a whisper pink-purple hue. 0.45 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds are prong-set around the centre stone and down the 18-karat white gold shank of the ring.

Earrings with Pink Opal, Sapphire, and Diamond Drops

Stephen Silver displays his knowledge of coloured gemstones in these classically gorgeous but modern drop earrings. Incorporating pink opal, sapphire, and diamonds, the earrings are a masterclass in proportion, colour, texture, and shape – from the tear-drop-shaped cabochon pink opals (totaling 21.10 carats) to the unheated round brilliant cut pink sapphires (0.85 carats) to the trillion cut diamonds (weighing 0.95 total carats). The total length of these captivating earrings is 2.4 inches.

Necklace by the Yard of Diamonds

Stephen Silver's diamond by the yard necklace, a traditional style reimagined with deep brown diamonds, is covered in sparkling diamonds. The opera-length necklace is composed of roughly 10.84 carats of round brilliant-cut brown diamonds set in 18-karat white gold. The adaptable necklace may be worn doubled and choker-length, or as a single, dramatic, lengthy strand.

Ring with Peach Tourmaline and Diamond

A timeless right-hand ring is an excellent present for any occasion. Stephen Silver's 18-karat white gold halo ring has a gorgeous 5.57-carat round peach tourmaline with a checkerboard cut. The captivating jewel is presented in a traditional halo setting, surrounded by 0.61 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Necklace made of yellow gold and citrine

With this yellow gold citrine necklace, Stephen Silver offers the millennial favourite Y-necklace a rich, contemporary twist with stunning mixed-cut gemstones. The gold necklace has 25 citrine gemstones with a variety of shapes, including trillions, cushion cuts, checkerboard cuts, and teardrops.

About Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry

Stephen Silver is a gemologist, geologist, diamantaire, and philanthropist located in Silicon Valley. During the last 45+ years, Silver has earned a reputation for his competence in diamond and colour gemstone cutting and jewellery creation among his worldwide network of jewellery industry connections and top gemstone collectors. Silver moved to the San Francisco Bay Area after completing his geology studies at San Diego State University and getting a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America to establish an estate jewellery business focusing in antiques and precious stones.

There, he gained access to some of history's most significant coloured gems, such as the famous Cullinan Blue Diamond necklace, which he later purchased and donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and the Pink Promise Diamond, which he recut and improved, resulting in a record price per carat at auction in 2017.

In recent years, Jared Silver, son and president of Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry, joined his father in expanding the firm into a vertically integrated wholesale manufacturing and retail organisation with worldwide reach, headquartered in and around Menlo Park, California. For more details, please visit shsilver.com.

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