Celebrate Love in Grandeur at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

  • 8th Feb 2024
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Celebrate Love in Grandeur at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

Unveil Romance at Four Seasons

This February, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru invites you to a celebration of love enveloped in luxury and romance. From dining under the stars to indulgent stay experiences, we've curated every moment to make love the highlight of your stay.

Exclusive Romantic Escapes

  • Couples' Retreats Redefined: Discover our bespoke couples' stay packages, where every detail is crafted for romance. From breakfast with a view at CUR8 to gourmet dinners at Far & East, complemented by Valentine-themed room decor, our packages promise an unforgettable escape into love.
  • Suite Indulgence:Starts at INR 87,000 per night for a suite experience infused with romance.
  • Luxury and Love Combined: Elevate your stay with luxury transfers, a 90-minute couple's spa treatment, and more, starting at INR 10,5,000 per suite per night.

Dining Experiences to Cherish

  • Infuse Spa Romance: Indulge in a 90-minute couple's massage, followed by poolside relaxation with bubbly, starting at INR 15,000 + tax.
  • A Culinary Love Story at Far & East: Delight in a 5-course modern Asian dinner amidst a floral ambiance, curated by our chefs, from INR 10,000+ tax per couple.
  • Celebrating All Forms of Love at Copitas: Whether solo or with someone, enjoy a night of crafted cocktails and self-love, this 14th February.
  • Tea for Two at the Lobby Lounge & Terrace: Enjoy an intimate afternoon tea with delectable treats and Prosecco, starting at INR 3,500 + tax.
  • Valentine's Brunch & Dinner at CUR8: Join us for a buffet brunch or a romantic dinner, with live music setting the mood, starting at INR 3,200 + tax.

Sweet Surprises

  • Indulge in Love's Sweetness: Surprise your loved one with Valentine's cakes and chocolates from our pastry Chef Partha Bose. Choose from Mini Entremets, Whole Cakes, and Artisanal Chocolates, crafting the perfect sweet gesture for this special day.

Join Us in the Month of Love

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is more than a destination; it's where love stories unfold and memories are made. Reserve your experience of luxury and romance now.

  • For reservations and more details, contact: 080 45 222222.

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