Carrera Chronosprint x TAG Heuer - Extraordinary Personified

  • 8th Sep 2023
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Carrera Chronosprint x TAG Heuer - Extraordinary Personified

In a worldwide display of solidarity, TAG Heuer and Porsche have joined forces to showcase their latest and greatest creation: the Carrera Chronosprint x TAG Heuer.

Celebrating both the 60th anniversaries of the TAG Heuer Carrera line and the Porsche 911 (originally called the 901), this stunning release marries the worlds of horology and automobile engineering in a way that has never been done before.

TAG Heuer and Porsche formed an extraordinary alliance 2 years ago.

The core of this partnership is the integration of watch and automobile parts, resulting in watches with unparalleled precision and accuracy. With a speed of 0 to 100 km/h in only 9.1 seconds, the original Porsche 901 established a standard that would reverberate throughout the 911's history; the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche echoes this achievement.

For decades after its debut in 1963, the Porsche 911 was a byword for speed, accuracy, and new ideas. Porsche's commitment to innovation and setting new benchmarks in speed and handling characteristics was on full display as the car rocketed from 0 to 100 km/h in an astounding 9.1 seconds.

TAG Heuer debuted the Carrera in 1963; it was a watch that embodied both the thrill of competition and the need of precision timekeeping. It was inspired by Jack Heuer's desire to create a clock that was uncluttered, easy to read, and named after the Carrera Panamericana race. In 2023, after 60 years, TAG Heuer releases the Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche to honour Porsche's incredible speed.

These clocks capture TAG Heuer's unrelenting quest of perfection while paying tribute to the Porsche 911's legendary reputation and storied performance history. This timepiece is powered by the TH20-08 movement, an innovative take on the in-house calibre TH20 that debuted at the 2023 Watches & Wonders exhibition. With a centre hand that rapidly accelerates, decelerates, and restarts over the course of 60 seconds, this movement was inspired by the Porsche 901's acceleration and was developed for precise timing of brief intervals.

The two snail-shaped wheels of the movement's distinctive mechanism are a product of state-of-the-art LiGA technology, and they serve as a symbol of TAG Heuer's dedication to accuracy, workmanship, and compelling design.

These TAG Heuer Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche clocks are more than simply a way to keep track of time; they're also works of art that celebrate the rich heritage of both companies while showcasing a bold new aesthetic. The dial is a visual depiction of velocity and acceleration, with the red lines representing the 0-100 km/h feat in 9.1 seconds, similar to the landmark performance of the Porsche 911.

The Porsche logo and colours are subtly represented by red accents throughout the watch. The recommended speed in urban areas is shown on the 6 o'clock subdial, a nod to the classic Porsche dashboard of the 1970s. The red area of the 9 o'clock subdial, on the other hand, represents the critical limit of the engine, which is 6.8 hours or 6800 RPM. The watch's counter hands mimic instrument cluster controls to round off the automobile theme.

The double glassbox design of these watches is very creative; it perfectly complements the tachymeter scale and allows the wearer to see both the dial and the complex workings of the watch from any angle. The Porsche logo is replicated on a mass specifically crafted for the caseback to evoke the look of the classic three-spoke wheel.
Both the Steel and Gold Editions include calfskin leather straps that pay homage to Porsche's history with an imprinted "911"; the former comes in a brown hue for the gold edition, while the latter is black.

The steel variant has a silver dial and flange, while the gold version has a beige one, both of which sparkle and ooze elegance. All of these one-of-a-kind watches come in limited-edition TAG Heuer x Porsche packaging, which features artwork from both companies.

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