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Dream of the Desert - Elevating The Saudi Arabia Luxury Travel With a 5-Star Train

The 2025 inauguration of Saudi Arabia's first 5-star train, the 'Dream of the Desert,' will transform luxury travel. This SAR 200 million initiative, led by Saudi Arabia Railways and the Italian Arsenale Group, famed for luxury hotels.

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 1st Feb 2024
Billionaire Riyadh - an Ode to Extravagant Luxury

It is no secret to the world that Saudi Arabia is a home to lot of luxury brands consisting from hotels restaurants and fashion brands it is also the birthplace to a lot of successful and top grosser business tycoons in the world.

By Trupthi Shetty

  • 15th Jan 2021
Design By Mahsa completes New Project in Saudi Arabia With 'Glow Chocolate'- A Luxury Store For Chocolate Enthusiasts

Mahsa Gholizadeh, an interior designer and entrepreneur, recently discussed completing a design project for Glow Chocolate, a premium confectionery business situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

By Neha Menon

  • 22nd Oct 2020
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