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Black For Summer by Arpita Mehta

  • 2nd Jun 2023
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Black For Summer by Arpita Mehta

Arpita Mehta's New Collection, Black for Summer

Why is black so popular?

Because black is timeless.

It is confident, strong, melancholy, sensual, tranquil, secure, and, above all, a classic. 
Based on the belief that black can be worn anywhere and at any time, its alluring and commanding presence emanates a timeless and adaptable sense of conviction and elegance. Black is commonly associated with colder seasons, which makes the notion of incorporating black into one's summer attire even more whimsical and daring.

And what could be more summery than being carefree and daring?

When we think of summer nuptials, we frequently picture vivid tints and delicate pastels, but black remains a popular option for many. With this collection, we wish to channel this vitality. Traditional, immutable, and daring.

Arpita Mehta's latest collection gives traditional wedding pieces an elegant, flamboyant, and youthful spin. The modern design features innovative silhouettes, dramatic drapery, and intricate embroidery.

The combination of these motifs with our signature fabrics such as georgette, silk, and organza creates a range of apparel that is both compelling and exquisite. Our intricate mirror hand embroidery, a signature of our brand, is featured throughout the collection in a variety of forms, such as mirror fringe tassel embroidery and labyrinth embroidery.

These magnificent items are versatile and an integral part of the attire of the audacious and self-assured woman who is prepared to take on the summer day and night!


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