BIC Cello Introduces K POP and K Drama Fountain Pens - Bringing Hallyu to Classrooms

  • 6th Jun 2024
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BIC Cello Introduces K POP and K Drama Fountain Pens - Bringing Hallyu to Classrooms

Hyderabad, May 05, 2024:

BIC Cello proudly presents its latest innovation, the K-POP & K-Drama Fountain Pens, a seamless blend of writing elegance and South Korean cultural charm. As the global 'Hallyu' wave continues to mesmerize audiences, India emerges as the second-largest consumer of Korean content, with BTS alone amassing 775 million YouTube views in 2023. The nation’s growing enthusiasm for K-dramas is also notable.

Recognizing this cultural fervor, BIC Cello has meticulously crafted a series of fountain pens that celebrate the vibrant and influential South Korean entertainment industry. These exquisite writing instruments resonate with fans and enthusiasts, offering a tangible connection to the cultural phenomena they cherish.

"At BIC Cello, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative and culturally relevant products,"

said Manos Nikolakis, General Manager at BIC Cello.

The launch of the latest K-POP Foundation Pens is a testament to that, and a commitment to remain close to our consumers’ wants and needs through cultural and industry trends.”

Combining superior craftsmanship with vibrant aesthetics, the K-POP & K-Drama Fountain Pens reflect BIC Cello's understanding of youth culture and commitment to innovation. Each pen is a work of art, adorned with captivating designs inspired by the colorful world of K-pop idols and the engaging narratives of Korean dramas.

K-POP Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens
Fountain Pens

Inspired by the vibrant energy and captivating narratives of K-Pop music, the K-POP Fountain Pen is a testament to the rich and dynamic cultural landscape of Korea. Available in four stunning colors and finishes, this pen is a true masterpiece, reflecting the unique personality and style of its owner. Engineered for smooth, effortless writing, these pens offer impeccable performance, allowing users to express their thoughts and ideas with precision and clarity. The ergonomic grip ensures a natural and comfortable writing posture, enabling creativity without distractions.

K-Drama Fountain Pens

Drawing inspiration from the enthralling narratives of K-Drama series, each K-Drama Fountain Pen embodies the essence of the beloved stories and characters that captivate global audiences. Available in four striking colors and finishes, every pen ensures unparalleled performance. Whether jotting down notes, sketching ideas, or signing essential documents, these pens elevate the writing experience with precision and style. Perfect for die-hard K-Pop fans, devoted K-Drama enthusiasts, and admirers of Korean culture, these fountain pens are the ultimate accessory to showcase one's passion.

Fountain Pens
Fountain Pens

BIC Cello has made these exceptional fountain pens remarkably accessible, pricing them at an incredibly affordable INR 50. This ensures that fans from all walks of life can indulge in the joy of owning a piece of their beloved culture.

About BIC Cello

BIC Cello, the manufacturer of Cello pens, is India market leader for writing instruments. The company focuses on developing innovative products and ink flow systems, delivering significant value to customers. BIC Cello portfolio includes a range of world-class products, such as permanent markers, whiteboard markers, color markers, mechanical pencils, roller pens, fountain pens, and office and school stationery. With over five million pens sold daily and a presence in more than 70 countries, BIC Cello robust distribution network ensures product accessibility across diverse demographics and geographies.

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