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Bentley Speed Edition 12 is a Tribute To The Legendary W12 Engine

  • 13th May 2023
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Bentley Speed Edition 12 is a Tribute To The Legendary W12 Engine

Bentley has created the limited-edition Speed Edition 12 in honour of its extraordinary W12 engine, which has propelled its performance flagships and the entire brand since 2003.

The Speed Edition 12 variants, powered by the most successful 12-cylinder engine of the modern era, are a fitting farewell to an extraordinary engineering achievement.

The Speed-specification Bentayga, Flying Spur, Continental GT, and Continental GT Convertible serve as the basis for the Edition 12 bundle, which includes numerous exclusive design enhancements. These include Edition 12 badging, a numbered engine plaque, Edition 12 embroidery, color-gradated seat contrast stitching, and a fascia in Grand Black veneer with the engine discharge sequence engraved and an Edition 12 insignia inlaid.

Only 120 units of each of four models will be manufactured, ensuring that the Speed Edition 12 will be a sought-after tribute to an engine that has propelled the company's vehicles - and its fortunes - for two decades.

Bentley's W12

Bentley's W12 engine ushered in a new era in 2003 as the powertrain for the Continental GT, the first all-new model under Volkswagen Group ownership. The distinctive W-shape of the 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 allowed it to be 24% shorter than a comparable V12 without sacrificing power, efficiency, or refinement. Since then, continuous evolution has led to a 37% increase in power and a 54% increase in torque, as well as a 25% reduction in emissions. In the Speed Edition 12 models, the W12 now produces up to 659PS (650 kw) at 5000-6000 rpm, while the famed Bentley 'tidal wave' of torque reaches its apex at just 1500rpm and continues unabated through 5000 rpm.

Exceptional exterior distinction

The Speed Edition 12 models' exterior features are discreet yet meticulously curated, making them readily recognisable to those in the know. Among the unique features are silver brake callipers that are exclusive to this Bentley model. Continental GT and Convertible models feature Speed Edition 12 badging on the front fenders, whereas Bentayga and Flying Spur models feature Edition 12 badging on the rear quarter panel in addition to the existing Speed insignia. When the hood is opened, a numbered Edition 12 plaque is prominently displayed on the engine cover.

Other exterior characteristics include Blackline-specification exterior brightware, 22-inch black-painted Speed alloy wheels, and self-leveling wheel insignia. Opalite, a new paint pigment, is available as an option; it is a light grey-green with a subtle copper sheen that shines in direct sunlight.

Interior: artisanal excellence

Edition 12 greeting lamps and illuminated treadplates welcome driver and passengers to a meticulously crafted interior. Bentley's Speed colour divisions are available on all Edition 12 models; the primary colour, Beluga black, can be selected as the solitary upholstery colour or in combination with Brunel blue, Cricketball scarlet, Linen, or Orange. Each case's veneer is Grand Black with a high lustre finish.

This limited edition is distinguished by seating with Mulliner Silver trimming and embroidered Edition 12 lettering. The upper seat areas are quilted with contrast stitching in a graduated three-color 'fade' from Anthracite to Porpoise to Stratos. The door panels are quilted and contrast-stitched.

The organ stop air openings are also distinctive, with the numeral '12' machined from solid into the control face. In addition, the Grand Black veneer facia confronting the front passenger is engraved with the discharge sequence of the W12 engine and inlaid with a Speed Edition 12 insignia.

Commemorative 15% scale model W12 block

Customers will receive a 1:15 scale model of the Bentley W12 engine block as a commemorative memento for display on a desk, cabinet, or shelf. The scale model W12 engines are cast using aluminium from a full-size W12 engine block and will serve as a permanent reminder of one of Bentley's most influential and potent engines.

Bentley Motors is the most coveted luxury automobile manufacturer in the globe. The company's operations, including design, R&D, engineering, Mulliner, and production of its five model lines, Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, Flying Spur, Bentayga, and Bentayga EWB, are headquartered in Crewe. The combination of exquisite craftsmanship, utilising skills passed down through generations, engineering expertise, and cutting-edge technology is unique to British luxury automobile manufacturers like Bentley. It is also a prime example of high-quality British manufacturing. Bentley employs roughly 4,000 individuals in Crewe.


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