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Behold The Gypsy Oasis Collection From Obeetee, The Largest Handmade Rug Maker in India

  • 18th Jan 2022
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Behold The Gypsy Oasis Collection From Obeetee, The Largest Handmade Rug Maker in India

Nestled on the banks of the Ganges on the ancient Grand Trunk Route, Obeetee is the largest handmade rug maker in India. 

Obeetee has recently introduced a unique and versatile range of rugs called the Gypsy Oasis Collection showcasing the unique traditions of the ancient Ottoman empire combined with the free spirit of the gypsy soul. For free minded people especially those who love to travel, this exquisite collection of luxury rugs, transports them to an utopian space catering to their nomadic essence of life.

These exclusive hand crafted luxury rugs encompass the traditional heritage of the Khotan and Oushal worlds. Each pattern the Gypsy Oasis collection brings out the extremely nuanced craftsmanship manifested on rich canvases of silk and wool and have a rightful place in the best luxury properties in world.These exquisite rugs range from Rupees 25,000/- to Rupees 3,00,000/- and you can buy them directly from the official Obeetee website or choose to pick them up from their retail stores in Delhi and Mumbai, India.


Availability - and OBEETEE store in Delhi and Mumbai.

Delhi Address - 145, Sultanpur, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, South West Delhi.

Mumbai Address - Danarm House, Haji Moosa Patrawala Estate, 20, Dr Elijah Moses Rd, opposite VFS Office, Mahalaxmi West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011.


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