Bang & Olufsen Introduces a Limited-Edition Collection For The Lunar New Year of 2023

  • 30th Dec 2022
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Bang & Olufsen Introduces a Limited-Edition Collection For The Lunar New Year of 2023

Bang & Olufsen is happy to launch a limited-edition collection inspired by the iconic colours and characteristics of the old Silk Road in China to commemorate the Lunar New Year 2023.

The limited-edition Lunar New Year collection features five famous Bang & Olufsen products: the Beoplay A9 home speaker, the Beolit 20 portable speaker, the Beosound A1 portable speaker, the Beoplay H95 headphones, and the Beoplay EX true wireless active noise cancelling earbuds.

For more than two thousand years, the Silk Road played a pivotal role in promoting commercial, cultural, and political exchanges between East and West. The historical importance of The Silk Road is still acknowledged today.

"Bang & Olufsen has always been devoted to probing the cultural borders between East and West. We drew inspiration from the historical Silk Road and infused this collection's design with old oriental allure "

Leon Tang, Marketing Director of Bang & Olufsen Greater China, explains.

Interpreting traditional aesthetics along the Silk Road.In addition to The Silk Road, this new collection is inspired by the traditional Lunar New Year colour scheme of Lunar Red, Jade Green, and Gold Tone. The whole range incorporates the motif, from the wooden legs of the Beoplay A9 to the gorgeous aluminium casings of the Beoplay H95 and Beoplay EX wearables.

As a nod to Chinese tradition, the Beosound A1 and Beolit 20 designs also include hand-woven leather knots representing joyful reunions.

Even the product package has traditional Lunar New Year aesthetics. The exquisite silk ribbon pattern that graces the Beoplay A9's cover is repeated on each product's packaging, providing a cohesive sequence and flow.

Using music to celebrate, extending tunes into the new year

Bang & Olufsen is partnering with Chinese artists Lumi Liu, Matt Lv, and Corsak Hu to produce original material that honours the collection as well as Eastern culture and customs in their communities and beyond.

Bang & Olufsen's limited-edition collection is intended to honour the gathering of friends, relatives, and loved ones during the Lunar New Year.

Pricing & availability

Beginning on December 27, 2022, the Bang & Olufsen Lunar New Year Collection will be available at select Bang & Olufsen locations and online at

Beoplay EX Lunar Red: DKK 2,999 GBP 349 EUR 399 USD 399

Beoplay H95 Lunar Red: DKK 6,799 GBP 779 EUR 899 USD 899

Beosound A1 Lunar Red and Jade Green: DKK 2,399 GBP 239 EUR 299 USD 279

Beolit 20 Jade Green: DKK 3,999 GBP 499 EUR 549 USD 549

Beoplay A9 4th generation Lunar Red: DKK 24,990 GBP 2,899, EUR 3,399, USD 3,799

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