B95 - Automobili Pininfarina Introduces the First Ever Stunning Electric Hyper Barchetta

  • 20th Aug 2023
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B95 - Automobili Pininfarina Introduces the First Ever Stunning Electric Hyper Barchetta

Automobili Pininfarina began a thrilling new chapter in its history at Monterey Car Week by unveiling the spectacular new B95, the world's first pure-electric, open-top hyper Barchetta.

The pure-electric hyper Barchetta is a masterpiece of design and technology – the simplicity of its flowing open-topped bodywork contrasts with immaculate technical details to provide a dramatic interpretation of a classic racer, underpinned by pure-electric performance.

As demonstrated by the recently unveiled PURA Vision concept, Automobili Pininfarina's PURA design philosophy features a refined silhouette and dramatic proportions. The principles established here have been applied to the B95, which combines inspiration from iconic classic race vehicles with futuristic elements while remaining true to the PURA philosophy.

B95 makes its world debut at Monterey Car Week in August, alongside the Battista Edizione Nino Farina hyper GT, which made its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, and the PURA Vision design concept, which was just released.

Paolo Dellachà, Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Pininfarina, remarked

"This is the most exciting chapter in Automobili Pininfarina's history – we're taking a significant step forward. The introduction of the B95 is the third of three foundational elements for our brand this summer. First, we presented the Battista Edizione Nino Farina, a limited-edition commemoration of Pininfarina's racing son and the inaugural Formula One World Champion.

The introduction of the PURA Vision design concept then unlocked a new design philosophy for all of our brand's future models across a variety of market segments. Now, our new Barchetta demonstrates how these design principles can be implemented, with a retro-futuristic vision that fuses classic motorsport themes with the most advanced technological innovations, materials, and manufacturing processes. B95 delivers the power of Battista while introducing a new dimension to the driving experience, thereby redefining the very pleasure of driving. It is the first of its kind, a desirable object that introduces the excitement of electrified performance in a spectacular open-top design."

In 2025, the 95th anniversary of Pininfarina SpA, the production and delivery of this limited-edition masterpiece will commence. Automobili Pininfarina B95 is a combination of the letters B for Barchetta and the name Automobili Pininfarina.

Only ten examples will be produced, and each will be meticulously curated by the Automobili Pininfarina design team in Cambiano and individual clients to ensure exclusivity. The stunning B95 to be unveiled for the first time at Monterey Car Week was designed by the Automobili Pininfarina Design team in collaboration with Pininfarina SpA in Cambiano, where it was also handcrafted by a team of artisans.

Paolo Dellachà stated,

"In Monterey, we will unveil the exceptional B95 showcar. Our partnership with Pininfarina SpA, a design firm with decades of experience constructing one-of-a-kind automobiles for the world's most prestigious luxury brands, assures execution of the highest quality, and we look forward to continuing our close strategic partnership in the future."


The design of the B95 is exemplified by a full-width body that extends around the front fenders. The high swage line creates an impressively muscular exterior. It provides occupants with a sense of security and comfort while connecting them to their environs.

Chief Design Officer of Automobili Pininfarina, Dave Amantea, stated,

"Our PURA design philosophy has purity at its core, a hallmark of the timeless designs of Pininfarina's past iconic vehicles. The Barchetta profile is readily recognisable, but it was our responsibility to make it attractive. We were able to create something genuinely exceptional by combining classic proportions with meticulous details. With B95, we're enabling consumers to drive their dreams – something that will characterise the brand in the future."

The Automobili Pininfarina B95 is an impressive interpretation of the Barchetta body style. The contrast between the elegant, immutable lines and the technical details creates a pure, attractive design. Elegant body with open access to the refined compartment accentuates the size of the B95's foot print.

The design team was able to add additional shape to the connection between the wheel arches and the bodyside by emphasising the vehicle's form and force with pronounced wheel arches. This permits the regulation of bodywork reflections, which adds depth and quality to the design.

The PURA design DNA is readily recognisable from above. The Automobili Pininfarina design team has defined the compartment space with an encompassing loop that integrates the seats, adjustable aero screens, and the canopies behind each occupant in the absence of a vehicle glasshouse. From this perspective, four distinct lines define the B95, indicating a connection to the PURA Vision concept.

The world's first electronically adjustable aero screens enhance the open-air driving experience of the BMW B95. Taking inspiration from vintage fighter aircraft, the clear polycarbonate designs feature intricately engineered and exposed aluminium supports and can be elevated and lowered by the client to enhance comfort while maintaining the integrity of the design.

Customers can order helmets with a finish coordinated to their preferred B95 specification. These accessories enable the driver to securely experience the B95's hypercar performance on the road or the racecourse.


The primary body of the one-of-a-kind B95 making its world début at Monterey this year is completed in metallic Bronzo Superga, providing a striking contrast to the distinctive Giallo Arneis gloss section at the front and atop the driver's cupola, which features Black Gloss '95' lettering.

Extensive use of Black Exposed Signature Carbon creates a 3D sculptural effect that contrasts with the body's refined paintwork. The same contrasted detailing can also be seen around the front carbon fibre splitter and the rear aero outlet.

The body's immaculate, multilayered sheen accentuates B95's graceful silhouette. It incorporates gold metallic particles to create an extraordinary colour depth. During the day, the texture and colour of the embellishments appear golden, whereas at night, they take on a bronze hue, creating the illusion of two distinct colours.

B95's exterior is completed with new 20" front / 21" rear forged aluminium wheels finished in Matt Black and contrasted with exposed aluminium matt precision-polished outer edges. The centre lock rings are brushed aluminium anodized in black, and the brake callipers are Giallo Arneis to complement the exterior embellishments.

The interior is the epitome of classic race car meets futuristic design, with an interface and compartment environment inspired by concept cars that make passengers feel secure and pampered.As seen in the PURA Vision design concept, the expansive console appears to integrate with the exterior, extending the distinctive lines of the bonnet into the cabin. 

The sculptural carbon-fibre console creates the illusion of a floating wing. The dashboard is upholstered in Tan Sustainable Luxury Leather with custom embossing, which contrasts with the brushed black anodized aluminium finish found elsewhere.

The seats, which are also upholstered in Tan Sustainable Luxury Leather, are curved around the occupant in the style of a classic race car. Both seats have been contoured to cradle the driver and passenger, assuring their comfort and safety, with a two-part design inspired by the seats in the PURA Vision and featuring one-of-a-kind aluminium inserts.

The headrests, which feature electro-welded Pininfarina insignia, are upholstered in a Pied de Poule Houndstooth Luxury Textile, while the seats, door interiors, and dashboard feature black and sienna contrast embroidery.

There are limitless customization options for aficionados requesting B95, ensuring that each of the 10 examples is one-of-a-kind.

The laser-engraved aluminium door plate, located on the outer margins of both doors and readily visible when entering and departing the vehicle, is one of the most conspicuous bespoke options. Finished in black anodized aluminium with white B95 engraving, they lend drama to entering the hyper Barchetta.

Andrea Crespi, Chief Technical Officer of Automobili Pininfarina, stated,

"The Automobili Pininfarina B95 could have been designed as a simple all-electric hyper Barchetta, but we wanted to make it so much more. We've chosen cutting-edge technology to make it a vehicle people want to own and an exciting place to be. The application of technology to construct our adjustable aero screens was inspired by two-wheeled motorsport, ensuring that this is a revolutionary road vehicle. This patent-pending new technology enables the unadulterated excitement of open-top driving while maintaining comfort at the high speeds the B95 is capable of reaching."

The B95 is propelled by the same cutting-edge powertrain as the Battista hyper GT, but with a distinct configuration for such a unique vehicle. The B95 can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in less than two seconds and has a maximum speed of more than 300 kilometres per hour.

The world's first pure-electric hyper Barchetta is equipped with a high-capacity 120 kWh lithium-ion battery that generates 1400 kW (1900 PS) of peak power. The T-shaped, liquid-cooled battery cell is protected by a robust and lightweight carbon fibre enclosure and can be charged using DC rapid chargers up to 270kW – for a 20-80% top up in as little as 25 minutes.

This power is transmitted to the road via four separate, high-performance electric motors, one for each wheel.  Five distinct drive modes employing Full Torque Vectoring technology allow the driver to customise the power delivery and control to their liking and the driving conditions.

Five driving modes are available to customise the driving dynamics: Calma, Pura, Energica, Furiosa, and Carattere. These modes are activated by a tactile, sporty rotary selector located next to the steering wheel.


The B95 was created utilising Automobili Pininfarina's in-house Italian engineering and manufacturing specialists' decades of experience and knowledge. It was conceived, designed, and developed in Italy, and it incorporates innovative technologies pioneered at Automobili Pininfarina's Digital Innovation Hub in Germany.

Automobili Pininfarina currently employs 116 people across its engineering headquarters in Cambiano, Italy, and innovation centre in Munich, Germany, with a team comprised of more than 20 nationalities, leveraging global expertise and experience to define a new era of electric mobility.

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