Akutee by Sagarika - A Fusion of Art and Elegance

  • 9th Nov 2023
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Akutee by Sagarika - A Fusion of Art and Elegance

November 8, 2023, Mumbai, India:

Sagarika Ghatge hosted an exclusive preview of her bespoke brand Akutee at the Modernist, a members club of the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, today. Akutee, an establishment conceived by Urmila and Sagarika Ghatge, is a journey through time to an epoch characterised by tantalising aesthetics, artistic prowess, and refined sensibilities.

Motivated by the elegance and composure exhibited by the female members of the Ghatge lineage, the brand maintains its authentic origins while safeguarding the fundamental qualities of India's cultural legacy.

An immersive exhibition of Akutee garments and the traditional 'khaat' employed for hand-painting were both featured at the inauguration. A delightful evening replete with anecdotes, cordial dialogue, and admiration for genuine aesthetics and sophistication.

Cricketing legends Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj Singh, Ashish Nehra, Rohan Gavaskar, and Ajit Agarkar were in attendance. The evening was enlivened by the participation of Huma Qureshi, Rhea Chakraborty, Prachi Desai, Shaila Merchant, Mandira Bedi, Gaurav Kapoor, Orry Awathraman, Kritika Kamra, and Eka Lakhani.

Nandita Ghatge, Sagarika's Kaki and the renowned author of "Ghatges, the Rise of Royal Dynasty," captivated the audience with her compelling narratives throughout the evening. She read thought-provoking excerpts from her book, which provided a profound exploration of the Marathas' illustrious cultural heritage and traditions—exactingly what motivates this brand.

The event was accompanied by a harmonious ambiance, which was created by sarod artists Ayaan and Amaan Ali Bangash in the composition of a classical score. The event highlighted the incorporation of tradition into contemporary lifestyles by juxtaposing the contemporary interiors of Modernist with the heritage-inspired art of Akutee.

Sagarika, who was raised in the company of aristocratic women, vividly recollects the profound impact that refined women had on her family. Enchantted by the manner in which they gracefully draped chanderis, chiffons, tissues, and brocades at family gatherings and events, she recalls being in admiration of their poise and grace. Their jewellery selection, which consisted of a string of pearls, glass bracelets, and a few diamonds, was remarkable for its understated yet exceedingly beautiful aesthetic—not ostentatious or flamboyant.

Sagarika, similar to numerous daughters during her developmental years, was predominately influenced by her mother, Urmila. Urmila, a courageous, self-reliant, and enthusiastic individual, began her artistic career at the tender age of 16 and continued to paint throughout the years. The garments she donned were adorned with hand-painted floral patterns that ultimately came to represent her adoration for nature and constitute her signature aesthetic.

Urmila's commitment transcended her personal artistic prowess; she deliberated and provided guidance to a group of emerging artists as they endeavoured to manifest Akutee through their signature style of painting.

Akutee transcends its status as a mere fashion label; rather, it embodies an artistic expression, a journey of grace, and poise. It is an homage to opulent textiles, elaborate embellishments, and garments painted by hand, evoking the elegance and sophistication of a previous period distinguished by artistic prowess and refined sensibility. Crafted with great attention to detail, this garment pays homage to the esteemed women of the Ghatge lineage while also appealing to the modern-day spirit of women.

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