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Aeterna by Zoya is a Radiant Tribute to Endless Feminine Energy

  • 7th Mar 2022
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Aeterna by Zoya is a Radiant Tribute to Endless Feminine Energy

March 2022: Zoya, the magnificent diamond boutique from the Tata Group, launches Aeterna, a modern line of unique jewels inspired by old holy geometric motifs. Often referred to as a universe's blueprint, these symbols have enthralled artists and thinkers across history and civilizations. The aesthetic language of this landmark collection combines a highly feminine palette of amethyst, pink sapphire, morganites, and rose gold with powerful abstract design to create an energetic and elegant collection. Aeterna by Zoya is created for flexibility, effortlessly transitioning between day and nighttime looks. In line with Zoya's heritage, this collection establishes the brand's industry-leading position in design innovation with the use of two new patented stone cuts, resulting in a collection of 40 pieces that is as contemporary as it is timeless.

The design narrative of Aeterna tells the tale of the tremendous feminine spirit that lives inside the soul of the Zoya lady. Zoya imagines, with creative dexterity, that her consciousness is pulled to the boundless energy that pulsates inside her, the source of everything that she is, via the mists that surround her every day. When she connects to this energy, she feels unlimited, as if she may present herself in any way she wishes - as a poet, a dreamer, a seductress, a nurturer, or a leader. She is satisfied at the moment.

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"At Zoya, we have always felt that when a woman goes on the road of reconnecting with herself, she begins to feel genuinely alive,"
says Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head, Zoya. As a woman, I believed it was important to share the tale of the beautiful feminine spirit that is inside each of us.


It's a very unique collection, inspired by the female source code, a lighthouse for our soul travels. Versatile and very worn, Zoya's Aeterna is an exquisitely created, potent amulet that serves as a delightful reminder of the elemental force inside. Each item in this collection is as deserving of adornment as the lady who wears it."


For the Zoya lady in Aeterna, supremely potent symbols produce emotionally significant images. The pieces are inspired by the Flower of Life pattern, symmetrically balanced crossing circles seen in clean and edgy fractal designs, and the Vesica Pisces holy emblem, which serves as a symbolic vessel for sacred force.

Platonic solids in the shapes of pyramids, cubes, octahedrons, dodecahedrons, and icosahedrons are deliberately included throughout the design, alluding to the elemental feminine force contained in the seed of life, the source of all creation. They take the shape of subtly detailed stone settings, bangle structures, latticework, and metalwork. Complex detailing and clever construction distinguish sophisticated toggle necklaces, lariats, and stacking rings.

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Two patents for adjustments to platonic solid cuts are the collection's centrepiece. Zoya's atelier accomplishes the difficult and time-consuming work of cutting the finest amethysts with extraordinary accuracy into previously unseen icosahedron and dodecahedron shapes, while assuring optimum stone visibility and interesting light reflection from all angles. The positioning of these unique cuts is extremely intricate, demonstrating Zoya's unmatched ability to create extraordinary design by combining the best of tradition with cutting-edge technology.

"Zoya has established a reputation for reinventing the way fine jewellery is regarded in India,"
says Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited. With Aeterna, Zoya reaffirms its leadership in design innovation, with unusual, proprietary cuts that impart a highly contemporary aesthetic to the jewellery, with clean lines and sharp geometry.
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The collection is meant to spice up everyday clothing and provides limitless style options due to the collection's ability to be stacked or worn independently. Aeterna's intricate structure results in a vibrant, meaningful collection that is also incredibly elegant."

More about ZOYA:

Zoya, the House of Tata's beautiful diamond store, is a premium brand of fine jewels famous for its exceptional workmanship and unique design. Zoya is entering its thirteenth year of business with a product designed particularly for the discriminating, visually sensitive lady. Zoya draws inspiration from a variety of trips, both external and internal, such as those that take you across the globe - prominent sites, history, culture, art, folklore, and components that aid in the discovery of one's own feminine self.

These concepts are transformed into one-of-a-kind designs by the company's panel of skilled artisans, resulting in the creation of Zoya's distinctive modern and fusion collections. Zoya's four stores in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, as well as Zoya galleries in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, and Chandigarh, demonstrate pure luxury. Zoya's customised service is centred on delivering an unparalleled purchasing experience for its curated items.

Zoya's service offering has been expanded to include video-assisted jewellery counselling, in-home trials, contactless delivery, and interactive e-catalogues.


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