A Step Towards Conscious Fashion

  • 12th Nov 2020
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A Step Towards Conscious Fashion

Another brand has joined hands like other fashion brands and pledged to go Carbon Neutral. Co-founders Meghna Kishore & Barkha Bhatnagar Das have left on a journey & initiatives to conserve the planet one step at a time. The brand, Greendigo has always been known for its high-quality clothing for kids. They believe in creating capsule wardrobe clothing needs for kids. Their clothes make fun permutation combinations which makes it possible to reduce the inherent need to purchase more and more.

Their clothes are made of organic cotton which is certified by GOTS. Not only the fabric material but also their product packaging is absolutely plastic-free. Both these practices help in reducing the carbon footprint. Sustainability is the crux of this brand and the brand believes in constantly challenging themself to up their game to protect the planet.



The customers can recognize their range of carbon-neutral brands by the ‘carbon neutral’ visual on the product page on their website. To leave no detail outside, when you click on the product, you’ll also see the exact amount of carbon offset for that product and explore the projects that they have invested in. Every purchase confirmation email has a ‘Carbon Neutral’ button so that customers can click and learn more about their carbon neutral order and the communities they’ve supported through the offset projects.



They felt the need to invest in such projects as they thought it would help them not just to balance out the carbon emissions that our business produces, but also effectively neutralize it. For years we have been listening to the harmful effect of greenhouse gases on our climate and yet, the climate situation seems to be getting only graver. It becomes, in the very least, our moral responsibility to clean up after ourselves; as businesses and as individuals.



Few of the projects that they have participated in include the Degraded Land Reforestation in Orissa & Chattisgarh, the Solar Power Project in Rajasthan and a Biogas Plant that converts chicken litter into renewable energy sources. All the projects that they have invested in are rigorously verified and certified through The Gold Standard and UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Each of these projects helps in achieving the multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals in addition to offsetting CO2 and it’s no coincidence that they are creating meaningful impact throughout the communities that our supply chain touches.



Greendigo has been working constantly towards their journey to a sustainable environment and has now reached a mini-milestone by going carbon-neutral. They have always believed in branching out beyond the realms of the brand to find innovative ways to boost sustainability. They know their actions have an impact on the planet and hence always want to produce consciously and not leave behind a sizeable carbon footprint.


Website: https://greendigo.com

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