A Regal Repast - Nizami Cuisine Unveiled at Zaffran, Novotel Visakhapatnam

  • 26th Feb 2024
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A Regal Repast - Nizami Cuisine Unveiled at Zaffran, Novotel Visakhapatnam

Dive into the opulent world of Nizami cuisine with Zaffran at Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach, where the grandeur of Indian culinary traditions awaits. From February 23rd to February 29th, Zaffran invites you to a Nizami Feast that resurrects the splendor of the Deccan’s royal kitchens.

The Nizami Feast Experience:Savor the Legacy of Royalty

Step into a realm where every dish tells a story of luxury and refinement. Under the guidance of the celebrated Chef Abdul Khadar Jilani and Executive Chef Sreeram Parimi, Zaffran is set to transport its guests straight to the lavish courts of the Nizams. Indulge in a menu that celebrates the essence of Nizami cuisine, known for its sophisticated spice blends, succulent slow-cooked stews, aromatic rice delights, and tender kebabs that dissolve tantalizingly in your mouth.

A Menu of Majesty:Dishes That Weave Magic

Prepare your palate for an extraordinary journey through the Deccan’s culinary heritage. The festival menu is a showcase of distinction, featuring delights such as Mutton Seekh Kebabs, Murgh Makhani, and Vegetable Samosas, each a masterpiece of flavor. Signature dishes like the hearty Haleem, the exquisite Pathar ka Gosht, and the legendary Hyderabadi Biryani promise to offer an immersive dining experience. The feast continues with traditional accompaniments and concludes with sumptuous desserts like Qubani ka Meetha and Shahi Tukda, ensuring a fittingly royal finale.

An Invitation to Indulgence:Details of the Royal Nizami Feast

Zaffran extends a warm invitation to this celebration of Nizami gastronomy, a festival that caters to both traditionalists and modern food enthusiasts alike.

Dates: February 23rd to February 29th

Venue: Zaffran, Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach

Event: Nizami Food Festival

Reservations: Call 77998 84036 to book your royal rendezvous.

About Zaffran:A Testament to Indian Culinary Excellence

Zaffran stands as a beacon of fine dining, renowned for its authentic flavors and a sophisticated atmosphere. With an unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity, Zaffran promises a dining experience that is both genuine and innovative, making every visit memorable.

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