4 Indian Restaurants Enter 'The 100 Best Restaurants in New York City in 2024'

  • 6th Apr 2024
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4 Indian Restaurants Enter 'The 100 Best Restaurants in New York City in 2024'

The culinary landscape of New York City in 2024 is distinguished by the inclusion of four Indian restaurants within the prestigious list of the city's top 100 dining spots, as determined by Pete Wells, the esteemed food critic for the New York Times.

Semma, nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, has ascended to the 7th position, marking a significant rise from its ranking the previous year. The list also celebrates the culinary achievements of Dhamaka, Temple Canteen, and the newcomer, Hyderabadi Zaiqa, ranking them at 54, 80, and 95, respectively.

It was noted that both Dhamaka and Temple Canteen had seen substantial improvements in their standings. Dhamaka, located on the Lower East Side, had moved up from 74th place in 2023, while Temple Canteen, situated in Flushing, Queens, had climbed from 96th place. Hyderabadi Zaika made its debut on the list, securing a spot with its location in Midtown, Manhattan.

Semma: A Taste of Tamil Nadu

The New York Times highlighted the journey of Semma's chef, Vijay Kumar, who grew up on a rice farm outside Madurai in Tamil Nadu. At Semma, he introduces patrons to rare dishes from his childhood that are seldom found elsewhere in New York. The critique from 2022 reminisced about Kumar's nathai pirattal, a unique offering of snails stir-fried with onions and tomatoes, emboldened with tamarind, and presented in a banana leaf box. Another standout dish is the Chettinad-style venison, where a venison shank is braised with star anise and the distinctive black stone flower, a cherished spice in Chettinad cuisine.

Dhamaka's Flavorful Riot

Roni Mazumdar, restaurateur, and chef and partner Chintan Pandya of the critically acclaimed Adda Indian Canteen have introduced Dhamaka to the new Essex Market in NYC. Dhamaka, a new "Unapologetic Indian" restaurant, serves provincial Indian cuisine.

Chintan Pandya, hailing from Mumbai, leads the kitchen at Dhamaka. The 2021 review by Wells praised Dhamaka's biryani as an intricate symphony of flavors.

The dish was described as a dynamic encounter of black peppercorns and green chilies weaving through rice and succulent pieces of goat neck, igniting a sensory explosion. Despite the intense heat, a refreshing burst of mint cuts through, likened to a mojito on a sweltering summer day, illustrating the complex interplay of flavors that define the restaurant's offerings.

Temple Canteen:

Since its inception in 1993, the Temple Canteen has blossomed into a culinary haven, offering an expansive menu of over a hundred Indian vegetarian delights and snacks year-round. Not just a canteen, it has become a sought-after catering service for events, weddings, and functions across the community center and throughout the tri-state area.

Nestled in the heart of Holly Avenue, Queens, the Temple Canteen with its South Indian cuisine has transformed the simple act of dining into a cultural expedition. Renowned for its dazzling array of dosas – from the inventive ice cream cone-shaped dosas, basking in a golden glow from being expertly roasted in ghee, to the crisp delight of rava and paper-thin dosas this cafeteria-style eatery offers a journey through flavors.

Adding a dash of celebrity to its acclaim, the Temple Canteen has been featured multiple times on the Travel TV Channel by none other than the legendary food connoisseur, Anthony Bourdain, making it not just a place to eat but a destination to experience.

Hyderabadi Zaiqa

In the bustling streets of Midtown, Manhattan, Hyderabadi Zaiqa stands as a beacon of Hyderabadi culinary excellence. This restaurant invites patrons to delve into the rich heritage of Hyderabadi cuisine, highlighted by a variety of Biryani that tells its own story. The Chicken Biryani 65, a fiery delicacy adorned with spicy lava-red chicken, carries whispers of its origin from a Chennai hotel many years ago.

Beyond Biryani, guests can indulge in a selection of curries and the crispy, fried delight of Okra, each dish promising an unforgettable exploration of flavors.

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