11 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made (2020)

  • 26th May 2020
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11 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made (2020)

Recently, the fashion footwear world has come up with pretty exciting news. Jordan auctioned the infamous Michael Jordan 1s, and set an astonishing record of them being the most expensive sneakers to be sold at an auction ever! This calls for us to draw a comprehensive list of the top 11 most expensive sneakers that are ever sold.

Eye candy, anyone?


11. Eminem x Carhartt Air Jordan 4

Sold At $30,000

We all are very well aware that artists love their sneakers and it's the same case with Rap God Eminem. While Eminem has gone through with quite a few successful collaborations in the past, everyone knew it was going to be massive when he decided to join hands with Carhartt and Nike.

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It was one of the first pair of shoes to be sold directly on eBay. Only 10 pairs were made of these beauties and a total of $227,000 was collected as sales. All the proceeds then went to Michigan state University’s music school. How delightful it is when sneakers not only look good, but also do good.



10. Nike Air Mag “BACK TO THE FUTURE” 2016

Sold At $35,000

These sneakers were first made in 2011 with reference of the iconic movie Back to the future.

Source : Courtesy- Stock X

Initially, only 1500 pairs were created but a few years down the line, fans demanded they be brought back. So, Nike relaunched them but made only 89 pairs which brought them to the list of most expensive sneakers. Exclusivity is the greatest luxury, after all. 

9. Nike So Cal Air force 1

Sold At $50,000

If you are someone who has a soft corner for the hardest rock in the world- DIAMONDS, then these particular sneakers will really dazzle you.

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The legendary rapper duo OutKast one day decided to cast their Air Force 1s with 13 stunning carat champagne diamonds. It was only later that they realized such expensive sneakers could attract all kinds of wrong attention, leading to their decision of auctioning them off. The sneakers were sold for $50,000 and all the proceeds were donated to a foundation.

8. Air Jordan Silver Shoes

Sold At $60,000

Don’t mistake these sterling beauties for real silver, although the price tag may try to convince you otherwise. The unique, innovative design and also the fact that only 10 pairs were made gave these sneakers the ultimate hype.

Courtesy - Money Inc

These were gifted to Michael Jordan by his wife for his 32nd birthday and that gives these kicks an adorable history.



7. Air Jordan 12 OVO Drake edition

Sold At $100,000

We all know Drake has made his love for his bed and momma very clear, but what he didn't tell us about was his love for sneakers. At first glance these kicks might seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but here’s an interesting fact: During one of the Toronto Raptors’ match, Drake ended up giving these to a fan who later sold the pair on eBay for a whopping price of $100,000!

Courtesy- Money Inc

6. Air Jordan 12 “FLU GAME”

Sold At $104,000

In 1997, Michael Jordan’s team Chicago Bulls was in the finals. Jordan was suffering from a bad case of flu but that didn't stop him from playing the finale. Champion that he is, he finished the game with an amazing score of 37. The Jordan 12s he was wearing during the match undeniably became a memento, and they went on to be auctioned under the name of “Air Jordan 12 Retro Flu Game” for $104,000.

Courtesy- Sneakerbardetroit

5. Buscemi 100mm DIAMOND

Sold At $132,000

These may look like a completely ordinary white pair of sneakers at first glance, but look closer. Embedded with 11.5 carat diamonds and 18 carat gold detailing, they are undeniably fit for royalty.


Courtesy- Dmarge

4. Converse Fast break, worn by Michael Jordan

Sold At $190,373

These are undoubtedly the most expensive shoes that Converse has ever sold. And while the prize seemed astonishing,  no cost is too much for a true fan to own the classic beauties that Michael Jordan donned in the USA OLYMPICS of 1984.

Courtesy-  Hypebeast




3. Nike Moon Shoes

Sold At $437,000

These sneakers were designed by Bill Bowerman, the co-founder of Nike for the 1972 Olympic qualifiers. There are only 12 preserved pairs remaining, and what makes them so unique is the fact that the soles of these shoes were literally made in a waffle maker. These were auctioned in the year 2019 making them the most expensive pair sold at an auction and they went on to hold this title for a year until recently our next shoe pair on the list took the position.

Courtesy- Guinness World Records

2. Air Jordan 1s Michael Jordan.

Sold At $560,000

Recently, the shoe industry went through a shockwave when they heard about the sale of the  1985 game -worn Air Jordan 1s by Michael Jordan at an auction for an eye-popping price of $560,000! People expected it to be valued around $200,000, but the recent release of the documentary ‘THE LAST DANCE’ definitely helped raised the margin. Not to mention the fact that this pair comes with a hefty dose of nostalgia attached, and that is definitely worth an extra couple of hundreds of dollars.

Courtesy- New York Times



1. Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan

Sold At $2,000,000

Collectible sneakers, anyone? This pair is the only one of its kind in the world and practically impossible to walk in, as each shoe weighs around 50lbs. Who owns these glitzy, impractical beauties, you ask? Well, the very proud owner is none other than Drake itself. The official price of these sneakers was never released but in 2016 the price was estimated to be around $2,000,000.

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