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Sang e Casa

Sang-e-casa is a very exclusive sculpture studio where sculptures are not just created with tools, they are created out of imagination. It's for the first time that nature has an upper hand. In our studio, appreciating the natural shapes and textures, we create art.

It's very true that no two stones, rocks can ever be identical in this nature created by God. Hence, not trying to change that, we create pieces by sourcing interesting naturally shaped rocks and let the imagination revolve around that. The artist himself cannot reproduce an identical piece again.

The sculptures are usually made with a combination of stones or rocks or both of different shapes and sizes. Once these are put together, the artist, using his imagination creates different figures. The natural texture of these rocks and stones are created over millions of years helps in discovering an expression for these sculptures. This is what makes every piece truly one of a kind.

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  • Phone: 022 28414346 / 9867533389
  • Address: 2101/02 B Oberoi Woods, Ciba Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai-400063
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