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Maggio Art Consultancy

Maggio Art Consultancy is a Boutique Art Consultancy for residential and commercial property owners, developers, managers and agents based in London and is run by art consultant, Ms. Tiziana Maggio.

At Maggio, we believe that art can significantly enhance the experience, style and value of any property to the benefit of both its owners and residents, converting spaces into dynamic and enriched environments.

We are highly committed to our clients, adopting an entirely bespoke approach to every property that we curate, whether large or small. We also seek to promote the works of up-and-coming artists alongside those of established talents.

We achieve this by selling and curating art on a rental basis usually for common areas such as receptions, hallways, and break-out spaces.

Rentals can be short term or long term, fixed or rotated, in each case as required by the client - every package is totally bespoke to our client's needs.

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