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Luxury Real Estate Consultant

Konstantin Rabits

In 2005 there were very few specialists and technicians who could guarantee us that they would bring our business out of the impasse. At one of the exhibitions I found a company that decided to repeat the experience of an American company that entered the Russian market of real estate services in 2000, which in two years gathered a huge number of customers with objects and brought up a whole galaxy of successful realtors. When I began to study this technology, I began to understand that in my own experience with real estate, everything worked exactly when I did everything as described in technology and, conversely, did not work when I did it differently. It was so inspiring and, like all ingenious, just that I immediately went to practice in apartment deals.

And in my experience I concluded that :

-  having mastered this technique , everyone can start their own real estate business;

- work in real estate is suitable for any age . If an agent has a desire to understand and hear the needs and desires of the client (the so-called empathy), he can always, with the help of this technique, create a trusting relationship with the client, which means get the right to sell his property;

- The  real estate market is one of the few markets free from government intervention . That is why it employs techniques and methods that work in the United States, Canada, France, and, indeed, everywhere;

- The  real estate market can not " collapse " , it is forever . People around the world rent, buy, sell housing. People marry, have children, die, divorce, come together, and all have a very similar psychology of behavior. So, being able to work in this market, I will always be provided with clients, if I know how to enter them and help them solve their housing issues.

Here it should be noted that the commercial real estate market lives under other laws. Here, other needs are business needs; here, as a rule, there is no direct access to property owners, so it is difficult to know the true needs and goals, as managers can interpret them in their own way, or simply have their own interests in the transaction.

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