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Desining & Shoe Making - The Medley



Our story began 4 year back. From being a wedding d├ęcor Designer to starting a Brand which focuses on smart Quickly, out of the Box, Comfortable shoes for women.

Sole House was born out of Passion to creat new Unique Shoes. Expressing your everyday, emotions, be it from Everyday wear to your Formal Occassion wear.

Owing a perfect pair of shoes is very Rate. either it won't Make a fit, or to make it worst, shoes bites will spoil your day. In order to make this happen. We statrted with Own Manufacturing unit, A team of hardworking individuals desingers, and shoe Technicians dedacting their days to make the you, your perfect pair Designer, and not to forget Comfortable shoes.

Come step into our World, After all "It doesn't matter how great your shoes are if you don't accomplish anything in them."

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