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For the first time in the history of Mumbai, an entire luxury building is an art house!

We welcome you this November, for a celebration of art & luxury at Arkade Rise, Carmichael Road.

Exclusive live painting session by globally acclaimed artist, M Narayan on 11th November 2020.

Proceeds from the auction of this painting would go to Children's Education Society

November 2020 | 10 AM to 7 PM

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Honourable Chief Guest

Mr. Parvez Damania (Art Connoisseur)

Parvez Damania is a very well respected name when it comes to appreciation of art and culture. Being an art connoisseur Parvez Damania is an ardent art collector too; some of the works in his collection are absolutely amazing to say the least. Although he is an extremely busy person, Mr. Damania finds out time to appreciate and encourage upcoming artists.

Guest of Honour

Mr. Ratan Luth (Educationist)

A dynamic personality, Mr. Ratan Luth spearheads an era of unprecedented glory as the Chairman of Fravashi Academy & Fravashi International Academy. Due to his concern for each and every member of Fravashi family, he has made himself approachable whenever they need him. Under his leadership both the schools have achieved great success in the Educational field at National as well as International Levels.


An absolute master at his craft and yet delightfully simple, M Narayan is indeed an artist to behold. His paintings depict all the myriad things that life can be. The lavishness and bonhomie of his colours evoke joy & emotions. He literally talks to you with each of his paintings with bold colours like turmeric yellow, kumkum red, indigo blue, parrot green, saffron orange or even his marvellous strokes of black. Narayan captures distinct aspects of India and of life in general through his exhaustive body of work. It includes the rustic, humble people and life in the remote areas of India; paintings that ooze true emotions through each of his masterfully delivered strokes.

M. Narayan

Live Charcoal Painting by M Narayan

True luxury is rare, limited, classy, unduplicatable and definitely one of a kind. All creations of nature are in fact masterpieces of luxury. Every human, every living being, every tree, the sky, the stars, the Sun, the moon and even the stones classify as true luxury. No two leaves are same, no two pebbles are similar and if you observe carefully nature simply never duplicates any creation. Everything is indeed, unique & different.

Munish Gangwal

Adishwar Kumar Jain( Popularly known as Adish Jain) is a resident of Navi Mumbai ( India). A former University 'On the Spot Painting' champion, he is currently being considered as most renowned torn paper collage artist of India. Adish uses discarded magazines, news papers, labels, old greeting cards, calendars, textiles waste design CADs in the making of his unique collage paintings.

Adishwar Jain

Sharvari Luth is an Artist & an Architect, having established her own studio, Studio ColorzOne more than fifteen years ago. With a unique background of Art and Architecture, today she is an accomplished artist giving her complete attention to vivid imaginations over canvas, on sculptures and in installations too. She also graces the position of Art Consultant and Art Advisor at a few renowned corporations.

Sharvari Luth

Having spent close to two decades in broadcast television, Roshan M Dutt has worked across, and operationally managed, every aspect of the creative production business, both in the domestic as well as the overseas markets.

While the media business remains his first love, his passion for travel and photography has created interesting and unique photographs, where he has used graphic design skills to interpret his vision of the final image.

Roshan M. Dutt

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