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Synonymous with exclusive designs and superior product quality, Parina Jewels is a second-generation family business run by Parina and Ankur Jain. What started off as a young brand in 2009 is now a leading jewellery manufacturer in India.


The craftsmen and designers at Parina Jewels implement the highest levels of quality checks and create unique, handcrafted ornaments.

Parina Jewels

The collection ranges from intricate Kundan Meena and antique pieces to fine diamond jewellery. You can expect impeccable cocktail rings, multi-layered ethnic necklaces and earrings, among other masterpieces. The remarkable creations are the perfect accessory for a confident, modern-day, jet-setting woman.

The label, with the help of its creative and experienced employees, has pioneered jewellery styles and aesthetics that are by modern women. The collections are inspired by the heritage and beauty of India’s culture and present an effortlessly chic aesthetic. Elaborate, exquisite, and elegant, Parina Jewels has everything a woman looks for in her jewellery to adorn her personality on her special day. Parina’s collections are available at the store in Jaipur.

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