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Deeply rooted from the lands of Marwar



Méro meaning “Mine” in Marwari denotes a sense of belongingness. Belongingness to the world, belongingness to our handcrafted designs.

Méro draws inspiration from heirlooms and rich artisanal heritage of the Indian roots, building heartfelt experiences from buying a piece of jewellery and making it your own in every possible way. Deeply rooted from the lands of Marwar, we have been weaving silver lining stories with our fine craftsmanship since 1955.

We solidify our strength of precession bestowing heartfelt experiences to wherever we go. We pride ourselves in being a conscious, mindful and sustainable brand who loves earth and all its beings. We source as well as customise pure 92.5 silver jewellery to suit your best self and firmly believe in the concept of reusing and recycling. Méro is not just a silver jewellery brand, but is an honest attempt to start conversations around sustainability and promote slow and authentic fashion.

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