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The weaving together of Indian heritage and fashion



HOT amalgamates the past, present, and the future to render them timeless.

The brand draws inspiration from everything beautiful that Indian Design has to offer. The world is yet to discover the immense power of Indian design and HOT offers this while keeping it's global audience in mind. It strives to retain the innate nature of each raw material used to conceive designs which are undisputedly authentic. And so, we promise that our products are unprecedented.

The styles seem effortless yet exude elegance. Working directly with skilled craftsmen, each product is an honest effort towards providing you with sheer beauty.

The label is launched by Tuhina Goyal, a textile and fashion design graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She doesn't call herself a fashion designer since she does not abide by any percepts of fashion. Her designs are timeless and are not bound by everchanging fashion trends.

Women Empowerment

All products at House of Tuhina are handmade. From making of the raw material to the weaving of jewellery, it is all done by hand.

Various techniques have been developed in-house to make different designs. The techniques are created by the brand and are exclusive and original to House of Tuhina. The designer herself then teaches these techniques to women artisans. The brand is commited to involve numerous women in and around Delhi - NCR, who were until now unemployed, by teaching them techniques such as hand weaving, thereby giving them not just employment and monetary gains, but also respect in society. These women are empowered with the means to earn money within their homes where they can, at the same time, look after their children and homes.

The story of this brand started with two ladies approaching the designer house for domestic work. Today, the first two ladies who came to Tuhina have become cluster leaders and handle about 200 women under them.

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