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FYOR has been created for the everyday woman. The everyday woman is on-the-go, busy and active. She likes to shop, party, socialize with friends and travel to broaden her mind. Our passion for unique design and collaboration brought our vision, and products, to life.

Aashna Dalmia founder of Esme Crystal

Who we are?

FYOR consists of 'the 3 Vs' Value, Volume, Variety.

FYOR's Footwear and Handbags have been created to serve all these activities throughout the day and nighttime. Our Footwear and Handbags have the highest fashion-led style and design, with the latest hot trends.

Aashna Dalmia founder of Esme Crystal

What we do?

Our customer is busy with her life and the demands it has on her that is why we have given our shoes extra comfort, for the woman who is forever on-the-go. FYOR boutiques have been well considered, designed and created to shop at the most ease for our customers.

Aashna Dalmia founder of Esme Crystal