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Eva Chairs

An innovator in the field of the nation's chair industry, Eva Chairs are one of the first and foremost choice to purchase chairs for corporate and home use. Eva Chairs empathise with the long working hours of many of their clients and sell chairs with comfortable back and arm rests that provides an additional support to the spine and shoulder.

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executive chair

Throne of The Decision Maker

It’s all about Style and comfort. Our Range suits the ever changing trends of the design industry, from traditional till contemporary, We have it all.!! This range help us deliver the comfort an executive seeks. Our chairs takes care of you, when you are taking care of your business.

High Counter

Living The High Life !

Sitting comfortably, You can taste tea or red wine and spend time in a carefree way. Our range of classic High counter showcases a mix of traditional, modern and contemporary styles.

Lounge Seatings

Defining Style And Leisure

Our lounge seatings and chairs are companions for life. Over years and decades, for different moods and situations. A tradition of craftsmanship, select materials, sustainable visions and an inherent understanding of how people want to live – that is what our furniture is all about. Together with internationally renowned designers and architects, we create furnishings that will and friends all over the world. They are authentic, appealing and timelessly modern.

Recliner Chair

Let the stress go free !

It’s really difficult and a challenging task to create an innovational recliner chair that can break through the current recliner chair designs. Our philosophy is to engineer a masterpiece based on providing perfect comfort to users.

Table and Stands

Quality need not be expensive

We hype on garnering you the latest trends in the market. We have a durable range of table stands which will surely impress clients with it's finishes completely. Designing furniture according to the theme and atmosphere of the office is really important. We help you build the same design for you with our café tables & table stand collection.

Sofa and Couch

Bring style & comfort to work space

Our range of classic office sofa and office couch, showcases a mix of traditional, modern and contemporary styles.

Select whichever style that suits you from our catalogue or customise as per your requirement, our sofas are sure to make an excellent addition to any area of the office, be it directors cabin, conference rooms, waiting area or the reception.


Design with Modernity & Functionality.

We provide an ideal seating solution for users with restricted budget that demands high quality and ergonomic design. These ergonomic chairs will not only add comfort but also style to your workplace.

Let your style speak.!!