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ATUT is a fashion and lifestyle brand with products that are meant to last made by the community that is mindful of the surrounding and not a victim of consumerism.

Collaborating with individual artisans and weaver communities in the northeast India, ATUT focuses on streamlining the market for the artisans.

ATUT is more than just fashion; ATUT is about the larger picture of uplifting an entire community of skilled artisans and creating a new value for the craft of North East India. ATUT has adapted the traditional techniques as well as patterns to transform them into new aesthetic that is both homegrown and chic.

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From the eco friendly dyes used, to the motifs that appear on the cloth, our products are a celebration of the organic, conscious way of Assamese living. We use clean-energy and have very little carbon footprint and provide with ethical products, helping our consumers give back to the environment and community.

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