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ZENITH x Fusalp Custom Skiwear Partnership

  • 17th Nov 2022
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ZENITH x Fusalp Custom Skiwear Partnership

The first automated high-frequency chronograph by Swiss watchmaker Zenith and the introduction of the competitive ski suit by French luxury ski and ready-to-wear brand Fusalp served as inspiration for two watches and a skiwear line created in collaboration between the two companies.

This collaboration centres on the sporty-chic unisex timepiece DEFY Classic Skeleton. Black ceramic cases are restricted to 300 units, whereas white ceramic cases are accessible to everyone (limited to 100 pieces).



The DEFY Classic Skeleton Fusalp has the Zenith five-pointed star and a snowflake on the open dial. A ring in the French Tricolore colours of blue, red, and white frames the bottom open layer of rose gold. The watch's rubber strap was designed with patterns taken from Fusalp's clothing capsule collection. The rubber has a fabric-like structure and is patterned with raised concentric rectangles.

Fusalp's Zenith and DEFY Classic Skeleton clocks inspired a capsule collection of ski wear for men and women.

The Swiss company Schoeller makes a durable and enjoyable softshell. Available in a traditional palette of black and white, the goods are emblazoned with a logo designed exclusively for this collection, which consists of a superimposed star and snowflake that also compose the open dial pattern of the clocks.

Fusalp's ski suits are created from a strong, but exceptionally comfortable softshell from Swiss fabric producer Schoeller, making them soft, supple, and without the bulkiness associated with traditional ski equipment. The storm cuff sleeve, designed exclusively for this partnership, has a zippered opening that makes it easy to wear and show off your watch.



The new Fusalp boutique in Zurich is where the line will be unveiled in November; following that, the watches will be available at Zenith retail locations and e-commerce sites worldwide, as well as at a few handpicked Fusalp boutiques.

The watches will be available in Zenith's worldwide physical and online stores, as well as in select Fusalp boutiques after their debut at the opening of the Zurich location. The Defy Classic Fusalp is available in two different ceramic colours: black for $10,000 and white for USD 11,000.


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